Motorola Planning to Open 1000 Moto Hubs Across 100 Cities to Strengthen the Offline Presence

Lenovo-owned Motorola today opened its plans about ramping up the offline presence in the country. Sudhin Mathur, Managing Director, Motorola Mobility India confirmed that the company would set up 1000 Moto Hubs across 100 cities going forward. He also stated that it’s the company’s current and first milestone to bolster the offline presence. Moto Hubs could push the overall revenue from offline channels to 50% of total sales over a period of time. Unlike Xiaomi, Motorola did not give any timeline on reaching the 1000 mark. Xiaomi said that it would open 100 Mi Home stores by the end of 2018. But looking at Motorola’s pace, the company might open 1000 Hubs in the next couple of years. “We are not going for any fixed target (to reach 1,000 ‘Moto Hubs’), but it can be as soon as in the next six months,” said Mathur.


“The next level of growth will come from the offline channel, and the company does not want to be left out. The 1,000 hubs are our first milestone,” Mathur said to reporters at PTI. Mathur also stated that two-thirds of sales come from offline channels, but for Motorola, it’s happening in a reverse manner. “Ideally, I think revenue from offline and e-commerce should be equal,” Mathur said.

As part of the goal set by the company, the company has opened 25 Moto Hubs in Kolkata on Thursday. At the Moto Hub stores, all the Motorola smartphones along with accessories like on-ear and in-ear headphones, Moto shells and covers will be sold.

At the same Kolkata event, Mathur confirmed that both Motorola and Lenovo are doing well in the Indian market with double-digit growth figures. Lenovo hasn’t been much active in the market nowadays. However, Motorola is aggressively launching new smartphones every now and then.

Last month, it launched the Moto Z2 Force in the country and next month, it might launch the Moto G6 series in the country, followed by Moto E5 lineup and Moto Z3 devices.

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March 10, 2018 12:51 pm 12:51 PM

I wish Motorola fails badly in India this year!!!!!

March 10, 2018 7:35 am 7:35 AM

Please increase the quality of Motorola phones…..the present Moto phones are not as good as the past phones were

March 10, 2018 3:01 am 3:01 AM

Waste….now trying to be oppo/vivo alternative??
#moto Hardware to price to updates wins…..

now just adding 100 only makes holes on rents.

Nokia giving better quality hardware and updates….

Xiaomi > Nokia> moto…….last lenovo. Please don’t buy Motorola/lenovo devices..they just dump you within 45-60 days with price cut or new model. This moto is not the past one with google or original Motorola.