Global: Mobile service delivery goes contemporary, Russian operator Yota to deliver SIM cards via drones

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Russian mobile broadband service provider Yota has planned to deliver SIM cards to its Moscow clients using drone, reports RBC news.


The company has arranged six drones from Copter Express Company for the purpose. According to Vladimir Dobrynin, the operational director of the Skartel company, which owns the Yota brand, drones can deliver around 700 SIM cards per day at four locations in Moscow.

This delivery will cost about 400 rubles ($6) for one SIM card, which the company claims is cheaper than the delivery by post. The clients are not charged anything for this mode of delivery.

The beginning date of this experimental project is not known. The drones will cover a distance of 600m radius of the drones’ stations to be set up at the popular Muzeon and Sokolniki parks, at the VDNKh exhibition complex in northeastern Moscow and at the Strelka Institute in the city center.

Earlier, Copter Express teamed up with the Dodo Pizza company to deliver pizza by mini-helicopter. Although around 100 deliveries were made, the experiments proved expensive.

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