Mobile Design House Longcheer kickstarts Its Indian Innings

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Mobile Design House Longcheer kickstarts Its Indian InningsLongcheer Holdings Limited a leading Singapore based mobile design firm today announced its India operations.

The company specializes in developing products and services in mobile handsets designs, complete mobile handsets, wireless communication, data communication products, mobile broadband technology and mobile internet applications.

Looking at the prospects in the Indian Telecom Market, the domestic handset makers are flourishing and thus Longcheer aims to capture it.Longcheer has a range of mobile handsets and applications based on GSM and CDMA with GPRS/EDGE/WIFI inhibit.

Further the mobile handsets carry multimedia features like: MP3/MP4/GPS with FM and Camera features.The company has also launched W-CDMA phones for 3G interactive services. These phones use Hi-Speed Download Packet Access for wireless internet access to deliver the most advanced technological applications to meet diverse needs of customers.The company has strategic partners in the telecommunication semiconductor field such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Infineon and Datang to name a few.

Speaking on the occasion, Executive Chairman of Longcheer Holdings Limited Dr. Du Junhong said, “On the technological front, India is advancing with inclusion of various technological applications such as 3G and WiMAX. Such wireless technologies globally have expanded the need for most advanced mobile designer handsets and software applications. Thus looking at the vibrant prospect of telecommunications, Longcheer will expand its hi-technology based products and services in India.”

Left to Right - Mr. Michael Fu - Vice President, IBU,Longcheer;Dr. Du Junhong - Executive Chairman Longcheer Holdings Limited; Mr. Manu Nagar - CEO, Longcheer India Technology

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