Microsoft in Talks with Indian OEMs to Port Windows Phone 8.1 on Their Devices

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World's one of the largest software company Microsoft is trying its best to grab a pie of India's fastest growing smartphone market, as the company has started discussions with several Indian handset manufacturers.

windows-phone-indian-oemMicrosoft's Windows operating system is the most popular computer operating system (though many use Apple's Mac for productivity and Linux stays ahead with safety options), it did not make a good on the new front - mobile operating system. At the same time Google grew from search engine giant to a full fledged software company who are behind Android OS. Currently Android enjoys huge monopoly across the globe, and in India Android based smartphones tap around 90% of smartphone market share.

Worldwide Microsoft is struggling to sell Windows based handheld devices, and that's why they are looking to regional OEMs. They are in talks with Indian OEMs like Lava and Xolo, Micromax and Karbonn. Though there are several players in this market, these trio enjoys the most sales figure.

Microsoft's Windows based smartphones are selling quite good in India compared to other countries, thanks to Nokia's Lumia brands. HTC, ZTE, Huawei etc also makes Windows smartphones, but these phones are shadowed by these companies Android product range. Microsoft is having its strategy to work with Indian companies with its Windows Phone 8.1 version which has several changes to be locked-horns with Android. But there are several new Mobile OS are already out, say FirefoxOS, Ubuntu Mobile, Jolla's Sailfish etc and being free gives them advantages over Windows.

Lava who earlier said they would go for devices run multiple OS, is already working with Mozilla's FirefoxOS. These FirefoxOS based smartphones can be offered to break the price barrier and the products are to be priced starting from Rs 3,000. Lava's premiere sub brand Xolo will also bring Windows smartphones. While Micromax and Karbonn are hesitant about Windows smartphones as Microsoft will charge a licence fee for using Windows on their smartphones.

In my personal thought, these Indian companies should not use Windows, as this move may slow down their growth; rather they must look into other alternative apart from Android to bring more affordable smartphones.


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