Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4A Pro Get a Permanent Price Hike in India, All You Should Know

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The Xiaomi Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4A Pro have recently received a permanent price hike in India. The price hike implemented is as big as Rs 1,000 on these Smart TVs. A thing worth noting here is that there are multiple models of these TVs; which is why it is important to remember the variants which have got the price hike. So these Smart TVs come in two different sizes and the price hike has been implemented in different models. More details on the story ahead.

Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4A Pro Price (Old and New)

Starting with the Mi TV 4A 32-inch, its price has increased from Rs 13,499 to Rs 13,999. This implies a price hike of Rs 500. It is the same with the Mi TV 4A Pro 32-inch. It was selling at Rs 13,499 as well, but now it has also received a price hike of Rs 500 and its new price is Rs 13,999.

The other one, Mi TV 4A 40-inch was earlier selling for Rs 18,999. But now, its new price has become Rs 19,999 which implies a price hike of Rs 1,000. The last Smart TV to receive a price hike is the Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition. It was earlier selling for Rs 13,999, but after a price hike of Rs 500, its new price has become Rs 14,499.

Xiaomi is yet to give an official word behind the recent price hike of the Smart TVs. It is interesting that these Smart TVs got a price hike because Xiaomi has also been doing the same with its Redmi branded smartphones in India. However, even after the recent price hike, these Xiaomi Smart TVs remain few of the most affordable Smart TVs in the market.

Mi TV 4A, 4A Pro, and 4A Horizon Edition Specifications

All of these Smart TVs have got a lot in common. All of them can support connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast and more. The 4A Horizon Edition amongst all of them is the latest entry to the market offering a 178-degree viewing angle to the user and comes with Vivid Picture Engine.

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