Mapbox, Snowflake, and Maxar Partner for Digital Twin Solution

Mapbox, Snowflake, and Maxar collaborate to introduce a digital twin solution for the telecom industry, promising hyper-precise insights into cellular coverage and network optimization.


  • Provides hyper-precise insights into cellular coverage, aiding network optimization.
  • Enables informed decisions regarding coverage, outages, maintenance, and infrastructure.
  • AI-enhanced digital twin supports various telecom use cases like network planning and outage mapping.

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Mapbox, Snowflake, and Maxar Partner for Digital Twin Solution
Location data platform Mapbox has announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and Maxar Intelligence, known for its high-resolution 3D terrain and satellite imagery, at the Mobile World Congress 2024, Barcelona. Together, they aim to deliver a digital twin solution tailored specifically for the telecom sector.

Digital Twin Solution Overview

Reportedly, this collaboration leverages Snowflake's geospatial capabilities, Maxar's imagery resources, and Mapbox's rendering capabilities to provide telecom organizations with a visual representation of their cellular coverage at a high level of precision.

Benefits and Applications

Mapbox said the digital twin solution provides hyper-precise insights into cellular coverage, enabling telecom companies to make informed decisions regarding coverage, outages, maintenance, and new infrastructure.

"Collaborating with Snowflake and Maxar to introduce a digital twin solution provides an opportunity for leaders in business, geospatial, and location intelligence to redefine how telecom organizations visualize and analyze their networks," said Garrett Miller, Global Vice President of Customer Engagement at Mapbox.

"By harnessing the power of Mapbox's platform, telecom companies can gain actionable insights into network performance metrics, identify areas for infrastructure improvement, and make informed decisions to meet the evolving demands of their customers."

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The core of this solution lies in a base layer of ultra-high precision coverage raster datasets, facilitating downstream business visualization and analysis. "Mapbox will deliver this capability with its raster data pipeline capabilities and superior rendering engine that can performantly handle enormous datasets at scale," the company said.

"The AI-enhanced digital twin is aimed at aiding various telecom use cases such as network planning, outage mapping, and optimizing network operations," said Fawad Qureshi, Industry Field CTO at Snowflake.

"Our Precision3D Telco Suite provides the telecom industry with high-resolution details, such as 3D buildings, foliage and elevations of Earth's surface, on a regional, national and global scale," said Paul Granito, General Manager, Enterprise at Maxar.

Mapbox has announced that it will introduce the solution at Mobile World Congress 2024.

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