Latvian Telcos LMT and Tele2 Secure Additional 3.5 GHz Frequencies

Latvia's Public Services Regulatory Commission has approved the results of the auction for the right to use the radio frequency band 3750 MHz - 3800 MHz.


  • LMT and Tele2 secure 3.5 GHz spectrum for 5G network modernisation.
  • LMT to use new spectrum to expand 5G coverage.
  • Tele2 to use new spectrum to increase 4G capacity and deploy 5G.

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Latvian Telcos LMT and Tele2 Acquire Spectrum in 3.5 GHz Band for 5G
Latvia's Public Services Regulatory Commission (SPRK) approved the outcomes of the auction for the radio frequency band 3750 MHz - 3800 MHz on Thursday. The auction, held in two rounds, saw Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) and Tele2 securing the right to use frequencies for 20 years. The auction proceeds of 550,000 euros will contribute to the state budget within six months, according to SPRK.

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Frequency Allocation

According to SPRK, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) secured the right to use spectrum in the 3750 MHz - 3775 MHz frequency range (25 MHz), and Tele2 secured the right to use spectrum in the 3775 MHz - 3800 MHz range (25 MHz), each with a bid of 275,000 euros, respectively. Specifically, the right of use for commercial activity in the territory of the Republic of Latvia has been granted from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2043, for both telcos.

  • LMT secured the spectrum in the 3750 MHz - 3775 MHz range (25 MHz)
  • Tele2 secured the spectrum in the 3775 MHz - 3800 MHz range (25 MHz)

Both telcos have expressed their intention to use this spectrum for network modernisation. Following the announcement of the auction results, both companies unveiled their respective network development plans.

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LMT's Network Development and 5G Expansion

LMT has announced the acquisition of additional frequencies to expedite the development of 5G services.

Commenting on the spectrum development, LMT said, "It's no secret that 5G technology opens up new opportunities for both citizens and companies, so LMT is purposefully developing it. The work so far on the development of the 5G network infrastructure has been successful, but it should definitely not stop there. The additional purchased frequencies will increase the capacity of the 5G network, allowing the widest possible range of people in Latvia to benefit from the advantages provided by 5G within the operating area of one base station."

Regarding the construction of the 5G Network, LMT reported that the number of LMT 5G base stations currently stands at 400, providing extensive 5G data transmission coverage across 180 populated areas throughout Latvia. The telco also noted that in the first nine months of the year, it has invested 20 million euros in the development of the network and infrastructure.

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Tele2 Latvia's Network Modernisation and 4G Capacity Boost

Tele2 Latvia has provided an update on its network modernisation efforts, noting a 30 percent increase in the capacity of its 4G network over the last two years through the implementation of ambitious network development projects. The telco emphasized that ongoing network development continues actively, with the installation of a new 5G base station occurring daily in various locations across Latvia, alongside the modernization of one 4G base station.

Specifically, Tele2 outlined upcoming network modernisation projects to increase capacity in the following locations in the coming days: Riga (in the vicinity of Braslas Street and Aleksandra Caka Street), Dobele district (near Krimunu parish), Saulkrasti parish (near Zvejniekciema), Rezekne district (near Gaigalava parish), and Balvu district (near Brivibas Street).

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Tele2 said it has allocated 20 million euros for the development of its mobile communication network this year, with investments directed toward network modernisation, 5G deployment, maintenance of network capacity, and the construction of new data core network infrastructure.

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