Kinetic to Become Largest 8 Gbps Internet Provider in the US

Kinetic by Windstream is poised to become the largest provider of 8 Gig home internet in the US, expanding its high-speed offerings to under-connected communities. With 330 exchanges and over 400,000 households eligible for the service, Kinetic is committed to serve its customers.


  • Kinetic by Windstream will surpass all other carriers to become the nation's largest provider of 8 Gig home internet.
  • Over 400,000 households across 330 exchanges will gain access to the future-proof 8 Gig bandwidth.
  • Kinetic's investment of USD 2 billion aims to deploy fiber across its 18-state footprint, supported by strategic partnerships.

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Kinetic to Become the Largest 8 Gig Internet Provider in the US

Kinetic by Windstream, a US service provider, is set to become the nation's largest provider of 8 Gig home internet, fulfilling its commitment to bringing faster speeds to under-connected communities. In the coming weeks, Kinetic will offer 8 Gbps speeds to more households than any other carrier in the country.

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Kinetic to Offer 8 Gbps Speeds

According to the statement, 330 exchanges across the Kinetic footprint will be eligible for the high-speed 8 Gbps broadband service in July, providing access to over 400,000 households. Kinetic says it has plans to further expand its multi-Gig offerings to additional markets in the future.

Kinetic said, "We're excited to announce that no other provider is reaching as many homes with this level of speed as we are. We remain committed to meeting the needs of our customers today and in the future."

Expansion Plans for Multi-Gig Offerings

Delivered through a 100 percent fibre optic connection, the Multi-Gig speed offered by Kinetic ensures 99 percent reliability and performance for households within its coverage area. According to the statement, the Kinetic 8 Gbps Speed Fiber delivers impressive upload speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps, surpassing cable internet upload speeds by more than 220 times.

"Families will require more bandwidth to ensure smooth operation of their devices. Kinetic said it is committed to providing its customers with the bandwidth they need both now and in the future."

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Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in Fiber Deployment

The expansion of multi-Gig service is part of Kinetic's multi-year USD 2 billion capital investment aimed at deploying fibre across its footprint covering 18 states. Additionally, the company is forging unique partnerships with cities, counties, and other organizations to accelerate fibre infrastructure deployment.

Kinetic by Windstream operates under Windstream Holdings, a privately held communications and software company. Kinetic offers premium broadband, entertainment, and security services through its enhanced fibre network, primarily serving consumers and businesses in rural areas across 18 states.

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