How the Reliance JioPhone 2 Wins the Battle Over Nokia 8110 in the 4G Feature Phone Segment

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Riding on the success of the original Reliance JioPhone, the Mukesh Ambani-owned telco launched the second generation JioPhone, aptly named as JioPhone 2. The JioPhone 2 features similar internals as the original JioPhone, but the design of the 4G feature phone is completely overhauled. Just when Jio thought that it doesn't have any competition to the JioPhone 2, HMD Global brought the Nokia 8110 4G ‘Banana’ phone in the country with the nostalgia factor attached to it. Unlike the Nokia 3310 feature phone which was introduced last year, the Nokia 8110 4G runs KaiOS, which means that it will run applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps and so on.

jioPhone2 nokia8110 4G

With all that being said, the JioPhone 2 is already here now and the second generation of the JioPhone has also performed amazingly well in the market by generating a mass appeal. Right now, the market situation for JioPhone 2 might take an interesting turn since HMD Global has launched its Nokia 8110 4G ‘Banana’ phone in India which offers almost the same features and specifications as the JioPhone 2. However, we have solid reasons to believe that the JioPhone 2 with its very attractive price tag and similar offering as the Nokia 8110 4G, blows the competition out of the waters. Here are a few reasons why the Reliance JioPhone 2 might be a better choice for any feature phone buyer out there.

JioPhone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G: Keypad

This is one area where the JioPhone 2 outright wins over the Nokia 8110 4G. Considering that the price mark of the JioPhone 2 is also half of what the Nokia 8110 4G retails for, makes this comparison even more one-sided. Like many of you would know, the recent update on KaiOS allows the software on the feature phones like Nokia 8110 4G and JioPhone 2 to run social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. Given that the social media apps will require the users to type a lot, the JioPhone 2 undoubtedly has the edge over the Nokia 8110 4G in this regard thanks to its QWERTY keypad.

JioPhone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G: Battery

Indian phone buyers most certainly look at one aspect while buying new phones, that is battery backup. The JioPhone 2 also surpasses the Nokia 8110 4G in this area as well by sporting a 2000mAh battery as opposed to the 1500mAh one which we get to find on the Nokia 8110 4G. With this configuration, the JioPhone 2 is expected to perform better when it comes to battery life and stamina.

JioPhone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G: Hardware

The only area where the JioPhone 2 might get left behind as compared to the Nokia 8110 4G is the processor. While the Nokia 8110 4G comes with a Snapdragon 205 SoC, the JioPhone 2 packs only a Spreadtrum 9820 processor. The RAM on both the devices is 512MB, and they both offer 4GB of storage. The Reliance JioPhone 2 again gains an edge over the Nokia 8110 4G as it allows for internal storage expansion by enabling 128GB microSD cards, as opposed to the 32GB cap on expansion on the Nokia 8110 4G.

Although, this might not be a deal breaker for most people, however, while we factor in that the Reliance JioPhone 2 offers all of this at half the price of Nokia 8110 4G the second generation of JioPhone definitely seems like a worthy purchase.

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