Reliance Jio Announces 6 JioFiber Broadband Plans Starting at Rs 699: Everything You Need to Know

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Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator, Reliance Jio has finally launched the much-awaited fibre-based broadband service in India, Reliance JioFiber and has revealed the prices and plans for its services as well. The telecom operator was long teasing the launch of its fibre-based broadband services which come bundled with many other auxiliary services as well. However, finally, the wait is over for the interested consumers as we have the pricing of Reliance JioFiber plans with us. So brace yourselves and check out the plans which Reliance Jio is availing for the broadband consumers out there.

Reliance JioFiber Plans Starting at Rs 699

The first plan from Reliance JioFiber is the Rs 699 plan, and it will offer 100 Mbps speeds and 100GB data. The telco will also ship 50GB additional data in this period. Speeds will be throttled down to 1 Mbps post the exhaustion of FUP limit. The additional benefits which will be included with all the plans include free voice calling all over India, TV video calling, a feature which Reliance Jio has already demonstrated before, latency-free Gaming, and Device Security with Norton Device secure for up to five devices for an entire year. As part of Welcome offer, Reliance Jio will also offer Jio Home Gateway and the Jio 4K Set-Top Box to its subscribers.

Reliance JioFiber Rs 849 Plan

The second, Silver plan from Reliance JioFiber will cost Rs 849 to the subscribers and it will also ship 100 Mbps data but with more data FUP limit of 200GB. In addition to this, the subscribers will get 200GB additional data, totalling to a monthly data limit of 400GB. The additional benefits will remain the same as the Bronze Rs 699 JioFiber plan.

Reliance JioFiber Rs 1,299 Plan

The Gold Plan will up the speed for subscribers to 250 Mbps and it will cost the subscribers Rs 1,299. The total FUP data which the subscribers will get will be 500GB in addition to the 250GB extra data, totalling to 750GB data per month. This plan will also offer the same additional benefits of free voice calling, video calling, gaming and more. However, the plan will ship annual subscription to OTT apps JioCinema and JioSaavn. In all the previous plans, the subscription to these applications is available for only three months.

Reliance JioFiber Rs 2,499 Plan

The next plan in the JioFiber roster is the Rs 2,499 plan which offers 500 Mbps speed and 1250GB data with 250GB additional data, totalling to a 1500GB data FUP limit. This plan will come with all the additional benefits, along with annual subscription to OTT apps. Further, the plan will also bundle platform access to VR experience and premium-content like first day show movies.

Reliance JioFiber Rs 3,499 and Rs 8,499 Plans

There is also the even higher plan of Rs 3,999 called the Platinum plan offering 1 Gbps speed with 2500GB FUP data per month, with an after-FUP speed of 1 Mbps. The plan ships all the additional benefits mentioned above for Rs 2,499 plan. Lastly, there is the Titanium plan of Rs 8,499 offering 1 Gbps speed and 5000GB FUP data. This one also ships all the additional benefits, same as the previous two plans.

Key Points to Note

Reliance Jio said that the additional data will be part of the introductory offer. Also, every customer who chooses a JioFiber connection will be asked to pay Rs 2,500 (Rs 1,500 refundable deposit and Rs 1,000 installation charges) up front. The JioFiber Welcome offer will be on yearly plans only and the company did not reveal the prices of yearly plans at the moment. We're expecting Reliance Jio to update its website later today where we can find more details.

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