Reliance Jio Fixed Line Calling Service Confirmed Through New JioCall Application

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Reliance Jio has changed the name of its Jio4GVoice application to JioCall. It is worth noting that while the other apps from Reliance Jio like JioMusic, JioTV, JioCinema etc exist for entertainment, the Jio4GVoice app was actually provided to the users for utility and it allowed the users to make calls and send SMS. However, now the name of this app has been simplified and set as JioCall along with an update which brings some new features to this app. When you open the Google Play Store page of the application, you will be able to see the new avatar of the JioCall application. There are also a handful of new features as well.

JioCall Fixed Line Calling Feature

One of the new features that Reliance Jio seems to be betting on a lot is of video calling from a fixed line number. The JioCall app will allow the subscribers to make video and audio calls from the smartphone for the fixed-line number. To do that, the subscribers will first have to configure their fixed-line number with the Jio Call application. There will be something known as the Fixed Profile on the JioCall app which will allow the users to make or receive calls from your fixed line number conveniently. What’s interesting is that this new service won’t require a Jio SIM.

Reliance Jio has also noted that the transformed application comes with all the features which were previously present on the Jio4GVoice. The new app is of version 5.2.5, and it comes with all the features like VoLTE high-definition voice and video calling on your existing 2G, 3G, 4G smartphone. The best thing about the Jio Call app or previously known as Jio4GVoice app is that it allows the users to make HD calls even from their non-4G device or a Jio-Fi connected device. The subscribers will also be able to dial to any landline from this application. Subscribers can also use the existing VoLTE features on the existing 2G/3G smartphone via Jio-Fi.

Reliance Jio JioCall RCS Features

Another feature which JioCall offers to the users is of Rich Communication Services (RCS), as part of which users enjoy features such as Rich Call, Chat, Group Chat, file share, location share, doodles, stickers and many more. As part of this RCS, JioCall is also bringing enhanced calling and messaging features. Firstly, the users will be able to send and receive messages, along with other types of files like images, videos, location and all types of files like .zip, .pdf to other RCS contacts. Users can also make Rich Call with customised messages, images and location on the receiver’s screen. The in-call share will allow you to share quick doodle, share a location, direction to a party and more while you’re on the call. However, it is worth noting that the RCS features of the JioCall app will require a Jio SIM.

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