Reliance Jio Subscribers Can Check Leftover IUC Minutes Using MyJio App

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A disproportionate number of subscribers own a Reliance Jio SIM card, and it is quite possible that now they are that you are reading this right now on a Reliance Jio connection. There was a time when Reliance Jio was undoubtedly the best choice of telecom operator, if using data was your priority. But, there are two thoughts about it in the minds of the consumers now. The main reason for this has been the introduction of the IUC (Interconnect Usage Charges) of 6 paise per minute on the calls that the subscribers make to other telecom operators. This charge was introduced a few months back and going by the conditions of the industry it is likely that the charge might stay here at least for a year more. However, for this, Reliance Jio is also offering bundled plans which come with IUC minutes packaged along with data and other benefits. But, a lot of subscribers who have shifted to the plans with IUC minutes are not able to keep track of their IUC minutes and how much of them they have used. Here is how you can easily do it.


Checking Leftover Non-Jio Calling Minutes from MyJio App

Just like other things related to Reliance Jio, in case you want to see how many IUC minutes you have already used, you will have to use the MyJio application. For this, you will have to simply open the MyJio application and here you will find two tabs one which reads “View Plan” and the other which details your data usage and has a button called “Check Usage”. You will have to tap on the “View Plan” tab and then tap on View Details.

When the tab opens, you will be able to see the details of your current active plan. Here you will be able to see how many SMS you have sent from your daily limit. On the second part of the window, you will be able to see the data that you have spent today from your daily data limit. On the third section, you will be able to see the non-Jio voice minutes that you have used. This is the number that we need. You will be able to see how many minutes you have utilised out of all the allocated non-Jio IUC minutes that you get in your plan. Under this, you will see that the plan mentions “Unlimited” for Jio to Jio calling.

Other Noteworthy Features of MyJio App

It is worth noting that the MyJio app is the go-to place for anything Reliance Jio related. The MyJio application can also be used to check and do all the recharges for your number and see your upcoming plans as well. For example, if you have got another recharge queued up after your present one, then you would be able to see the upcoming recharge below the currently active plan. Also, in the recharge section, you will be able to select recharges and pay for them easily using multiple payment methods. The MyJio application now also comes with various integrations which makes the app more versatile. Like the JioSaavn integration on the MyJio app allows the users to play songs from the MyJio app itself. Not only this, but the JioCinema integration on the application also allows the users to consume movies and TV shows right from the MyJio app itself, thus eliminating the need to install a separate app.

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