Japan’s First Multi Operator RAN Deployed by Ericsson

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Ericsson 5G

KDDI Corporation and Softbank have selected Ericsson as one of the vendors to set up Japan’s first Multi-Operator Radio Access Network, also known as MORAN. Ericsson has been a popular choice between telecom operators and organisations in the tech world, especially in the current market where 5G is budding. New, flexible and efficient ways to deploy networks will emerge with Ericsson’s network sharing solutions. These networks will be deployed to both communications service providers while keeping both companies own operation and management capabilities.

Ericsson Network Sharing Solution Can Be Applied to Industrial or Campus Sites

Network Sharing on Time Division Duplex (TDD) and Frequency Division Duplex (FDD), as well as 4G/LTE and 5G New Radio (NR), will be supported by Ericsson’s solution equipment. Ericsson’s solution will constitute components including Ericsson Radio System products such as RAN Compute (baseband), radio and transport – with the powerful system on a chip and Ericsson Silicon. These components altogether would bring various innovative solutions such as Ericsson Spectrum Sharing and Ericsson Uplink Booster.

Industrial Areas and Campus sites can also leverage Ericsson’s network sharing solution where the radio access network may be shared between the onsite network and the public network. Sharing networks will open up more possibilities and opportunities to support industry digitalisation. Two Service Providers will share Ericsson Network Equipment which would bring cost optimised solutions as well and deploy faster and denser 5G network.

KDDI and Softbank Will Focus On Building Robust 5G Network

While leveraging Ericsson Radio System Products and solutions for multiple bands, KDDI and Softbank would primarily focus on building a robust 5G network within a short period. Ericsson’s future proof network sharing solution will make considerable contributions to their nationwide 5G network deployment. Commercial deployment of the solution has begun as Ericsson, and the service providers completed verifications.

KDDI’s Vice President & Managing Office of Technology Planning, Tatsuo Sato, has commented on the collaboration by stating that KDDI is pleased to work closely with Softbank and Ericsson to accelerate 5G network deployment. He further added that with the Multi-Operator Radio Access Network solution, KDDI would become the first service provider to offer an excellent 5G experience to their customers.

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