Internet of Everything or IoE Is the Future of Connectivity

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Internet of Things

With the arrival of 5G, one of the major leaps in the connectivity industry would be the enhanced use-cases of Internet-of-Things (IoT). However, IoT has a limitation, it can only connect ‘things’ or ‘machines’. While that is still advanced and would ease industrial processes and even the way people do most things on a daily, the real game-changer will be the Internet-of-Everything (IoE).

What is IoE?

To make it simple for you, IoE is a step above IoT. IoT can be a narrow way of looking at connectivity while IoE is a wider vision. IoE takes its foundation from IoT and builds on that to connect more things and people.

The term IoE was coined first by a major telecommunications equipment vendor Cisco. As per Cisco, IoE will look at connecting people, processes, data and things. IoT on the other hand only focuses on connecting machines.

With a better-connected world, the experience of communicating and sharing data will be enriched and this would be a big thing for businesses at a base level.

IoE Works on Four Pillars

There are four pillars on which IoE works - a) People, b) data, c) process, and d) things. These four elements connected would make the world an even smaller place and it would surpass everything humans have ever thought about connectivity. IoE would stand to completely change how businesses and people behave at a base level and would reinvent multiple industries.

With IoE, the world will take a major step ahead in terms of connectivity and the digital age. However, note that IoE is not possible as of yet.

IoE Still Years Away

The 5G networks are capable of delivering high-speeds and ultra-low latency to the consumers. However, they are not enough for IoE. IoT can be powered and boosted by the 5G networks, but for IoE to become a reality anytime soon, the world will have to wait for 6G.

It will be live 6G networks which will have the true capacity to empower connectivity of everything that is essential to collect data from. With the power of 6G, IoE should become a part of the world by at least 2030 or some more years away.

If IoT can help industries in a big way, it is unimaginable what IoE will be able to do. With the advent of the digital age, data has become money and IoE will be a big push towards making everything digital.

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