OneWeb, BT To Work on Rural Connectivity Solutions

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OneWeb, the Bharti backed satellite communications company, has partnered with BT, one of the leading communications services companies globally, to bring connectivity to the rural areas of the UK. Both the companies will be working on solutions to bring internet connectivity in the hardest parts of the UK where no mobile networks reach. For the same, OneWeb and BT have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This initiative from OneWeb and BT will ensure that UK’s economic recovery and development post-COVID can be done at a rapid pace.

OneWeb and BT Each Bring Something Unique to the Table

OneWeb’s network has a unique ability to serve communities that are hard to reach, and the partnership with BT will focus on how satellite technology might support improved mobile resilience, capacity, backhaul and coverage, including Fixed Wireless Access, in challenging geographic locations.

As part of the discussions, OneWeb and BT will consider opportunities to deliver OneWeb’s connectivity services from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to communities and businesses around the UK. Further, this will help the companies in identifying new opportunities globally if their technology and work result in success.

OneWeb is seeing increasing demand from customers and continues to execute the deployment of its network at a rapid pace. The satellite communications company has announced recent distribution partner signings across multiple industries and territories above the 50th Parallel with communication companies, including the PDI, AST Group, and ACS, among others.

Neil Masterson, Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of OneWeb, said that this newly formed partnership between the companies is a sign of progress in the advancement of the overall telecom infrastructure in the UK. Masterson further said that OneWeb’s network would be able to bridge the digital divides in the country.

Philip Jansen, CEO of BT, said the partnership between the companies and the support of the government would ensure connectivity can reach every nook and corner of the country. This is a great sign for the connectivity industry around the world. The satellite broadband players can help the mobile operators enhance connectivity and expand coverage to the areas where there is no existing network.

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