Instagram Confirmed the Upcoming Repost Function

You will soon be able to repost other people's posts and reels on Instagram. The business has acknowledged that it is currently testing this feature.


  • Users of Instagram will soon be able to repost the posts and reels of other people.
  • The function is anticipated to appear soon.
  • Most likely, both the iOS and Android versions of the app will have access to it.

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Instagram Features

Instagram appears to be adding a feature that will allow you to repost other people's posts and reels. The platform will be tested with a limited number of users, the company has stated. Users currently have to use third-party apps in order to repost pictures or videos from other people's accounts. Here is all the information you require on this feature. According to a Meta spokeswoman who talked with TechCrunch, Instagram is exploring the option to reshare posts in Feed — similar to how you can reshare in Stories — so users can share what resonates with them and so original authors are credited for their work.

Instagram New Repost Feature

Social media expert Matt Navarra was the first to notice the functionality, and he also released a few screenshots that illustrate how it might function. Everyone's profile page will have a Repost feature right next to the "tag" area. Although the tool might aid in promoting someone's content, some individuals might abuse it. On Instagram, there exist accounts that only repost or reshare someone else's material in an effort to gain views or reach. With Instagram now offering a native "Repost" feature, it might be simpler for these individuals to steal other people's work. Instagram could include some credit to identify the original content author, even if it is unclear whether there will be a link to the main profile or just a name.

Currently, one can download third-party software to repost a post from another account or just reshare a user's post on their Instagram Stories. There is currently no confirmation of the potential release date for this feature for everyone. The business intends to test this out initially on a limited scale. Therefore, if the test is deemed successful, all users should see it. Both the Android and iOS versions of the app are anticipated to get the feature.

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