Infinera and Telstra InfraCo Achieve 61.3 Tbps Data Transmission in InterCity Fiber Trial

Infinera successfully completes a simulated intercity network trial for Telstra InfraCo's project in Australia, achieving a remarkable data transmission capacity of 61.3 Tbps. The trial utilizes Infinera's advanced ICE6 solution and Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber, demonstrating the high-performance capability of the express network.


  • Achieved data transmission capacity of 61.3 Tbps on a fiber pair over 1,240 route kilometers.
  • Utilized Infinera's ICE6 solution and Corning's SMF-28 ULL fiber for high-performance network.
  • Trial validates fiber selection and highlights Telstra InfraCo's extensive network infrastructure.

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Infinera and Telstra InfraCo Achieve 61.3 Tbps Data Transmission in InterCity Fiber Trial

Infinera, a leading provider of intelligent transport networks, announced the successful completion of a simulated intercity network trial for Telstra InfraCo's intercity fibre project in Australia. The trial showcased remarkable achievement by delivering an impressive data transmission capacity of 61.3 terabits per second (Tbps) on a fibre pair over a distance equivalent to 1,240 route kilometres between Melbourne and Sydney.

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Infinera's ICE6 coherent solution and Corning's SMF-28 ULL fibre

This significant milestone was accomplished using Infinera's advanced 800G-capable ICE6 coherent solution in conjunction with Corning Incorporated's SMF-28 ULL fibre with advanced bend. The network trial, which emulated real-world configurations, involved the use of 1,240 kilometres of ultra-low-loss fibre, simulating one of Telstra InfraCo's planned express routes between Melbourne and Sydney.

Infinera Performed In-service upgrade

As part of the capacity expansion process, Infinera successfully performed an in-service upgrade from C-band to combined C-band plus L-band. The collaborative effort resulted in Telstra InfraCo achieving a remarkable total capacity of 61.3 Tbps with a latency of 6.2 milliseconds across the combined C-band and L-band, featuring wavelengths of up to 700 Gbps.

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Telstra InfraCo's express network

Telstra InfraCo's express network is designed to provide a high-performance national network catering to customers who require reliable, ultra-high bandwidth connectivity between major cities and international submarine cable landing stations. This infrastructure upgrade enables hyperscalers, global cloud providers, content companies, and governments to access scalable high-capacity connectivity with more direct routes, including optional route redundancy.

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Corning's SMF-28 ULL fibre

According to Telstra InfraCo, the simulation surpassed expectations by offering nearly seven times the typical capacity of 8.8 Tbps per fibre pair. The successful trial validates Telstra InfraCo's selection of Corning's SMF-28 ULL fibre, which will empower the company to develop cutting-edge solutions for its customers in line with Telstra's ambitious T25 strategy and transformation goals.

The trial with Corning Optical Fiber and Cable highlighted the capabilities of SMF-28 ULL fibre with advanced bend, designed specifically to meet the challenges posed by such projects.

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Telstra InfraCo

Telstra InfraCo currently boasts an extensive network infrastructure, including 250,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable, 370,000 kilometres of ducts, 160,000 poles, and numerous fixed network facilities such as data centres, cable landing stations, and satellite ground stations. With access to 400,000 kilometres of sub-sea cables, Telstra InfraCo provides enhanced connectivity and reach for its customers on a global scale, supporting Australia's fixed and mobile networks.

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