India’s 5G Experience Shows Stronger Networks and Experience: Global 5G Experience Report

Global 5G benchmark report of OpenSignal reveals India's progress in 5G availability, download speeds, and user experience.


  • India ranks among the global leaders in 5G availability, demonstrating its rapid adoption of the technology.
  • Average 5G download speeds in India are over 10 times faster than 4G speeds, securing a prominent global position.
  • The report highlights the positive impact of 5G on user experience, with significant uplifts in video and gaming.

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India's 5G Experience Shows Stronger Networks and Experience: Global 5G Experience Report

India's 5G experience has demonstrated significant improvements compared to 4G, with promising results in terms of availability, download speeds, and user experience, according to a recent report by OpenSignal. Based on data collected from March 1 to May 29, 2023, the report provides an overview of the global 5G landscape.

5G in India

India's journey into the realm of 5G began on October 1, 2022, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the next-generation technology at the India Mobile Congress. While 5G has been available in other countries for over four years, its recent introduction in India has already showcased notable advancements, as highlighted in the Global 5G Experience Report published by OpenSignal on June 30, 2023.

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5G Availability

Among the key metrics analyzed in the report, 5G availability stands out as a significant indicator of a country's 5G infrastructure.

South Korea and Puerto Rico emerged as global leaders in this regard, with 5G users in these markets spending nearly half of their time connected to an active 5G network.

India surpassed many advanced and mature markets, achieving a 5G availability score of 29.9 percent. This accomplishment reflects India's position as one of the fastest adopters of 5G technology worldwide.

5G Download Speeds

Download speeds, a crucial aspect of 5G performance, were also examined in the report. The analysis revealed that 5G networks provide substantially faster download speeds compared to their 4G Networks.

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In six markets, average 5G download speeds are over 10 times faster than 4G speeds: India (19.2x), Malaysia (14.4x), Sri Lanka (13.8x), Brazil (13.5x), Kuwait (10.8x), and Guatemala (10.4x). However, users in most markets experience 5G speeds that are three to six times faster than 4G.

India secured the 6th position globally with an average 5G download speed of 301.6 Mbps. However, as 5G adoption continues to grow, it is anticipated that speeds may decrease or stabilize at a lower level.

5G Video and 5G Games Experience

The report further delved into the impact of 5G on user experience, specifically focusing on video and gaming. India exhibited an uplift of 23.4 percent in video experience and a remarkable 29.2 percent in gaming experience when using 5G compared to 4G.

These findings placed India in the second position globally for gaming experience improvement. Malaysia also performed well, ranking second in video uplift and third in gaming uplift using 5G.

OpenSignal's report also provided insights into other global markets, showcasing countries with excellent 5G video experiences, including Singapore, Austria, and Sweden.

In most other markets, the video experience was rated as very good. India achieved a commendable score of 73.9 percent in the 5G video experience segment and 79.3 percent in the 5G games experience segment.

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5G Expansion in India

As India's 5G experience continues to evolve, telecom operators are actively working to expand its reach across the country. Bharti Airtel, for instance, has collaborated with Taara to deploy wireless optical communication links, enabling connectivity in challenging terrains and remote areas.

Leveraging Taara's high-speed, long-range technology, Airtel aims to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected, further enhancing the quality of the 5G experience in India.


India's progress in 5G availability, download speeds, and user experience signifies promising growth for the country's telecom landscape. With ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure and extend 5G connectivity, India is poised to emerge as a leader in the global 5G arena, empowering its citizens and driving digital transformation across various sectors.

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