India Amongst Lowest Ranked Countries for Video Calls on Mobile Networks

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Opensignal, a mobile analytics company in a report on Wednesday highlighted that India was amongst the lowest-ranked countries for video calling experience on mobile networks. The company in a report dubbed as “Quantifying The Mobile Experience of Group Video Calls” highlighted its analysis of the video calling experience on mobile networks across 75 countries. Opensignal said that Japan, Netherlands and South Korea clinched the top spot in its analysis with the users in the three countries experiencing better video calling experience as compared to the users in other countries.

Indian Ranked 66th for Video Calling Experience on Mobile Networks

According to Opensignal, India scored 18.7 points on a zero to 100 point scale with Costa Rica also scoring identical points as the second largest populous country in the world. Nine countries including Peru, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Algeria scored lower points than India. In comparison, the three countries jointly sharing the first position on Opensignal charts namely Japan, Netherlands and South Korea are said to have scored 68.7 points, 68.6 points and 68.2 points respectively.

Opensignal said that the higher scores would likely indicate that all smartphone users on the group video call would have an satisfactory experience.

“In our analysis, the results represent the likelihood that all smartphone users participating in a group video call of between two and eight people will have an adequate experience that will allow the call to run seamlessly, considering real-world measures of both the video and audio components of all the users on the call,” Opensignal said in its report.

The company said that “congestion was indeed a factor” in disrupting the video calling experience and that the fluctuation was visible across most countries in the list. In Japan, the company said that the scores passed the 70-point mark between 4 a.m, to 8 a.m., with the scores dipping around the 65 point mark over the course of the day. Opensignal is said to have observed the lower scores in Japan around the lunch hour at noon due to the “large number of users consuming mobile data during their lunch break.” In Pakistan and the U.S., the fluctuations in scores were said to be “much wider.”

“We also observed that countries achieving higher group video calling scores generally had a more consistent experience across the day compared to countries with a lower score,” Opensignal said in its report.

European Countries Dominated Opensignal Charts, 5G Elevates Rankings

The company highlighted that the countries in Europe occupied 12 spots out of the top 20, while Russia was said to be the only European country in the bottom 20 of its analysis. Crucially, Opensignal said that none of the “big five” European countries namely France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK figured inside its top 20 list.

“We observed evidence of a global divide between more industrialized economies, fast growing ones and developing countries when it comes to group video calling,” Opensignal said in its report.

Further, the company also said that the video calling results measured on the 5G networks elevated the scores between 7.3 points and 20.2 points. Opensignal said that the scores on 5G represented an increase of 11.9% to 42.3% as compared to the scores on the 4G networks.

“Canada showed the highest improvement of 20.2 points between 4G and 5G group video calling scores, which were 47.9 points and 68.2 points, respectively,” Opensignal said in its report.

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