India Gives a Thumbs up to Idea Cellular’s Oongli Cricket

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If you thought playing cricket was restricted to the field, think again. With Idea Cellular's Oongli Cricket bringing in a fresh new twist to the Game of Cricket, this season, the game is now being played just about anywhere. So, no more of neighbors complaining, lectures being bunked, and vases in the house cracking "Idea Oongli Cricket" has changed all that as the nation is now hooked to this unique Game of Cricket being played at fingertips.

Idea Oongli Cricket is being played by mobile users across the country whether they are novices, cricket experts, men or women, old or young. Lakhs of people participated in the Game in the first 10 days of the campaign by simply responding with an SMS, to a question asked by ‘Sirji’, aka Idea Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan on TV, everyday.

Interestingly, Idea Oongli Cricket has highlighted some intriguing statistics about cricket matches being played. For example, The Idea Oongli Cricket Question “Aaj ke match mein cheerleaders kitne baar nachengi?” – revealed an interesting insight, that the popular ‘cheerleaders’ got up and swayed in celebration ‘11 times in the first match’ of the day, whereas only ‘half as much (6 times) in the second match’!

Another question was “Aaj ke match mein kitne stumps tutenge?” Thankfully, for the batsmen of the four teams which played on the 8th day of the campaign, there were no stumps broken, as per the revelation.

Idea Cellular’s brand communication strategy received an absolute thumbs up, going by the response received for the question “Aaj ke match mein Idea ka ad kitni baar dikhega?” It has come as a pleasant surprise that this question has received maximum response from TV viewers, in comparison to the other 10 questions asked till that date. The character ‘Ganpat’ imitating ‘Sirji’ from the earlier ‘Use Mobile, Save Paper’ campaign, seems to have seriously struck a chord with TV audiences.

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