Idea Cellular Chokes GPRS To 50 Kbps

Idea Cellular Chokes GPRS To 50 KbpsCan you remember those days when people used to connect internet via landline simply dialing a number and a choking speed is delivered to him as because the drawback of the dial up technology.

Well if you remember this and if you have genuine love with love with Dial Up you have now opportunity to test dial up like speed via Idea Cellular which is currently now provided 50 Kbps GPRS speed with their so called next gen EDGE network.

Seems like Idea Cellular is planning to bring back the Dial Up era at least their Speed Cap says so.Currently few days ago we got this information and tried to trace it via Mobile Data Monitoring Application), and surprisingly MDMA showed me the truth behind its choking speed mention below via this screenshot.

This is the screenshot taken from Kolkata(circle), and I noticed is after a while started surfing from 2G network with a decent coverage as u can see .

Idea cellular provides 300 MB GPRS at Rs.16 , 2GB at Rs.98 and these kind of same usage(even more) is provided by BSNL, Tata DOCOMO, Uninor etc and none of them does not follow this unethical way to disappointed customer except Reliance GSM which provides GPRS at 64 kbps as we mentioned before.

But after all kind of excuse, it really hard to believe in 50Kbps speed in 2012 when Govt itself trying to reduce digital division by changing the broadband minimum speed and make sure sure internet is available in remotest area etc. etc.

Now its important how you guys take this matter comments appreciated.

We have also noticed that some users are facing issue while opening TelecomTalk via Idea Gprs/3G/Netsetter we would like to make it clear its not the issue with our end its purely a issue with Idea if you are one of the user who is facing problem do let us know via comments and please do mention the circle name.

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sangeeta kumari
December 20, 2015 2:28 am 2:28 AM

I’m using Idea internet 3G but still anytym server weak n invisible netwrk not working good.

amol katkar
June 1, 2014 10:02 pm 10:02 PM

I have recharged with 198 and I got speed from 25 to 35 and now I’m getting only 1 to 10 kbps.And idea is only one which givs more than 25Kbps in my village. airtel is very slow which gives 15 to 22 Kbps.vodafone have very low network.And there is no network of BSNL,DOCOMO,Aircel etc.

January 3, 2014 8:54 pm 8:54 PM

mera aap se nivedan hai ki mere gav me mobail me idea ka tavar nahi aata to mai aap se nivedan karta hoo ki i