Sneak Peek Into Nokia Belle Update What Has Really Changed?

By February 8th, 2012 AT 1:35 AM

First look at Nokia Belle software update what has  changed and our take on it.

Sneak Peek Into Nokia Belle Update What Has Really Changed

Overall the phone’s performance increased a lot which cannot be explained and it should be experienced. We are just going to give you a small outlook on how Belle is going to be in this post.

Below you can see the four home screens that we get immediately after performing the update while two more can be added depending on our choice.The transition between the home screens is very fast as well as smooth.

You have to add a small widget for Cell Info Messages on the Home screen if you wonder where can we view the info updates. Believe me readers you will like that widget once you use it.

For those who are suffering with unwanted Data connections running in the background Belle brings an option for switching off/on Data connection. The most interesting feature added in Belle is the push drop down Notification bar added on the top which makes you access a few of the important features right away.

The interfaces of Messaging , Calendar , Clock/Alarm and Search which lets you search files and contacts from your device showed up like this on Belle.While the music player interface remained same there are small changes which can be noticed in the player. The volume pane is now showing on the left of the screen which previously used to be on the right.

The switching time between music widget and player is very fast. There is no much change in the settings for Music player but the video player interface is a bit polished.

Nokia Belle Update Screenshots

Nokia Belle Update Screenshots

If you are worried about the default apps available after installation here is the list for you. F-Secure and few other Apps are installed automatically after the update is completed from the previously installed files available before update.

Anyways only F-secure is shown up here. Now there is also an option available to sort the apps according to alphabetical order.You can even create new folders and place apps of your requirement in that.

Nokia Belle is a major update approximately 279MB and you need to connect it via PC-Nokia suite to perform the update. To start, make sure you have the latest version of Nokia Suite (3.3 or later) running on your computer, and then connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable in PC-Suite Mode.

The backup and installation goes pretty fast and the update download depends on your internet speed. This update is provided free by Nokia if you update via Nokia Suite while you may need to pay for the software upgradation charges in case if you end up with a Nokia Care nearby.

Overall You will get a wonderful experience after you update your phone. What ever the reason might be, this update is a reason for Nokia smartphone users to rejoice after experiencing the performance of the updated devices irrespective of the present generation hardware used in many devices.

We are excited about the Belle update. Aren’t you? Do let us know via comments which feature you liked the most after the update?

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