Huawei to Launch 6G in China by 2030: Report

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Huawei, a Chinese telecom equipment manufacturing company, is set to launch 6G in China by 2030. While the nations worldwide are still thinking about setting up 5G networks, China’s Huawei is looking a step ahead and is planning for 6G.

According to a CGTN report, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, has said that the company will launch its first commercial 6G network in the country by 2030. Further, he said that Huawei’s 6G would be 50 times faster than 5G.

Huawei Will Release White Paper for 6G to Help Industry Understand What It Is

While it is understandable that 6G will be the connectivity platform that will overtake 5G, many don’t understand how exactly it will work or look like. Thus, the company has said that it will reveal a white paper on 6G to help the industry understand what it really is.

It is worth noting that Huawei’s 5G is steps ahead of the same technology offered by the other global companies. With the first operator to make research and advancements in 6G, Huawei stands a chance to dominate the global telecom market.

Xu Zhijun made the remarks on 6G at Huawei global analysts conference in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province. According to the deputy dean of the School of Information at Tsinghua University, Cui Baoguo, a 6G network's speed is expected to reach up to 1,000 Gbps.

Not only that, but the 6G network would have a delay of 0.1 ms-meter/second. So it would not only be faster but would also offer lesser delays. Experts believe that 6G would transcend the way people look at connectivity and that the super-fast speed would only be a byproduct of the technology.

However, Huawei is losing out on a huge amount of meaningful business worldwide because of its market perception. Governments across the globe are worried about including Huawei in their 5G projects because of the company’s alleged ties with the Chinese government. India is one such country, and the Indian government has asked the telcos to not award any new projects to not only Huawei but any Chinese vendor or gear maker.

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