How Vodafone Idea’s Priority Circles are Performing Based on Subscriber Data

Vodafone Idea acquired mid-band 5G spectrum (3300 MHz band) in 17 priority circles, mmWave 5G spectrum (26 GHz band) in 16 circles and incremental 4G spectrum in 3 circles of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab. Take a look at how the telco has been performing in these circles.


  • Vodafone Idea hasn't performed well, even in its priority circles.
  • Vodafone Idea is delaying 5G rollout because it doesn't have money.
  • This report will show you how Vi performed in the top circles of the company.

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Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea, India's leading and the merged telco of Vodafone and Idea, as we all know, projected several synergy benefits before and after the merger. The single largest telco also chalked out 17 Priority circles, and as the name suggests, these circles are prioritised at the forefront to achieve the telco's goals and objectives. Let's now look into the performance of the wireless subscriber base aspect of the telco in these circles.

Vi Spectrum:

Vodafone Idea acquired mid-band 5G spectrum (3300 MHz band) in 17 priority circles, mmWave 5G spectrum (26 GHz band) in 16 circles and incremental 4G spectrum in 3 circles of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab.

You can refer the India Spectrum Holding Timeline to check the complete Spectrum holdings of the telco.

Vi Subscriber Numbers:

While TRAI is yet to publish the September 2022 subscriber data, Vodafone Idea, in its Q2FY23 results, updated that the telco has 234.4 million subscribers as of September 30, 2022.

Some Q2FY23 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Average Revenue per User (ARPU): Rs 131
  • Average Minutes of Use per User: 599 min
  • Average Data Usage by 4G Subscriber: 15,365 MB (Approximately 15GB)

In this analysis, let's look into the wireless subscriber base as per TRAI for the last 12 months against the spectrum holdings of these 17 priority circles and understand how these priority circles fared.

Vi Wireless Subscriber Numbers: Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2021

Sl. NoCircleTotal Spectrum HoldingSep 21Oct 21Nov 21Dec 21
1Kerala964.8 MHz16,550,71716,576,73016,499,73616,408,387
2Mumbai332.4 MHz11,579,61011,620,99511,603,36411,587,899
3Gujarat613.6 MHz24,305,58024,206,67224,075,09323,790,340
4Haryana556.0 MHz8,027,1627,962,6097,896,0917,912,039
5Maharashtra572.8 MHz29,368,88129,030,09328,900,72928,665,552
6UP - West480.0 MHz19,343,16119,271,08919,123,46119,033,068
7Kolkata334.0 MHz6,457,3566,402,2406,355,5646,313,538
8Delhi321.2 Mhz15,812,01115,774,84615,823,73315,994,885
9West Bengal541.6 MHz16,496,69016,482,18716,449,88516,369,180
10Tamil Nadu412.8 MHz18,421,57518,267,79318,157,87218,029,076
11Punjab431.2 MHz8,864,4509,004,5808,932,1428,871,081
12UP - East391.2 MHz20,781,19121,051,81720,548,86320,531,856
13Madhya Pradesh542.0 MHz20,787,58820,723,84420,566,33120,461,601
14Rajasthan432.8 MHz11,626,79411,557,02711,512,84011,463,411
15Andhra Pradesh310.0 MHz14,768,58614,589,45914,417,21314,241,991
16Karnataka310.0 MHz8,531,5878,456,0838,362,8218,249,302
17Bihar96.8 MHz10,973,74710,877,62110,747,89010,577,260
Total 17 Circles262,696,686261,855,685259,973,628258,500,466
Net Addition-841,001-1,882,057-1,473,162
Total 22 Circles269,990,327269,026,082267,129,032265,514,322

Vi Wireless Subscriber Numbers: Jan, Feb, Mar 2022

Sl. NoCircleTotal Spectrum HoldingJan 22Feb 22Mar 22
1Kerala964.8 MHz16,329,34416,163,78215,953,380
2Mumbai332.4 MHz11,849,86911,846,62111,837,333
3Gujarat613.6 MHz23,844,61323,867,66223,787,229
4Haryana556.0 MHz7,888,9197,918,1027,833,440
5Maharashtra572.8 MHz29,317,53929,301,92528,714,243
6UP - West480.0 MHz19,143,37019,026,85618,762,746
7Kolkata334.0 MHz6,239,8676,136,9456,076,759
8Delhi321.2 Mhz16,103,98216,054,13716,130,457
9West Bengal541.6 MHz15,979,04615,804,65615,662,083
10Tamil Nadu412.8 MHz17,762,54817,898,70317,928,621
11Punjab431.2 MHz8,666,4918,618,5708,546,865
12UP - East391.2 MHz20,736,11020,942,06820,543,055
13Madhya Pradesh542.0 MHz20,684,04520,307,52419,984,148
14Rajasthan432.8 MHz11,378,81211,183,57411,073,954
15Andhra Pradesh310.0 MHz14,095,57613,803,35513,692,242
16Karnataka310.0 MHz7,981,2697,827,2507,639,731
17Bihar96.8 MHz10,377,72710,314,61610,189,484
Total 17 Circles258,379,127257,016,346254,355,770
Net Addition-121,339-1,362,781-2,660,576
Total 22 Circles265,125,240263,593,051260,774,732

Vi Wireless Subscriber Numbers: Apr, May, Jun 2022

Sl. NoCircleTotal Spectrum HoldingApr 22May 22Jun 22
1Kerala964.8 MHz15,752,32215,467,93915,278,510
2Mumbai332.4 MHz11,806,73611,872,51011,702,577
3Gujarat613.6 MHz23,829,90023,847,57323,835,491
4Haryana556.0 MHz7,805,8017,798,0657,796,890
5Maharashtra572.8 MHz28,258,96328,021,17627,756,584
6UP - West480.0 MHz18,674,75718,568,91318,406,223
7Kolkata334.0 MHz6,094,6266,092,6186,080,093
8Delhi321.2 Mhz16,386,31416,349,27616,425,147
9West Bengal541.6 MHz15,702,17715,720,88215,665,406
10Tamil Nadu412.8 MHz17,752,33317,705,52117,654,593
11Punjab431.2 MHz8,417,7528,434,9288,345,197
12UP - East391.2 MHz20,347,13620,234,11020,159,319
13Madhya Pradesh542.0 MHz19,771,15819,850,88819,544,985
14Rajasthan432.8 MHz11,028,85410,981,73710,891,351
15Andhra Pradesh310.0 MHz13,536,84913,462,04113,356,859
16Karnataka310.0 MHz7,595,9067,572,0927,473,709
17Bihar96.8 MHz10,098,75510,181,59110,101,469
Total 17 Circles252,860,339252,161,860250,474,403
Net Addition-1,495,431-698,479-1,687,457
Total 22 Circles259,206,066258,446,808256,645,622

Vi Wireless Subscriber Numbers: Jul, Aug 2022

Sl. NoCircleTotal Spectrum HoldingJul 22Aug 22Sep 22
1Kerala964.8 MHz15,120,95315,078,888
2Mumbai332.4 MHz11,597,66511,532,881
3Gujarat613.6 MHz23,746,63123,683,216
4Haryana556.0 MHz7,800,8047,771,735
5Maharashtra572.8 MHz27,466,72326,908,840
6UP - West480.0 MHz18,303,43518,103,713
7Kolkata334.0 MHz6,061,2426,024,917
8Delhi321.2 Mhz16,444,87616,530,586
9West Bengal541.6 MHz15,561,40415,410,317
10Tamil Nadu412.8 MHz17,638,98617,555,468
11Punjab431.2 MHz8,302,5548,210,720
12UP - East391.2 MHz20,069,50319,910,512
13Madhya Pradesh542.0 MHz19,404,46419,166,403
14Rajasthan432.8 MHz10,835,67210,750,310
15Andhra Pradesh310.0 MHz13,003,66912,957,328
16Karnataka310.0 MHz7,520,3917,442,360
17Bihar96.8 MHz10,128,73810,115,082
Total 17 Circles249,007,710247,153,276
Net Addition-1,466,693-1,854,434
Total 22 Circles255,102,703253,144,350

Wireless Subscriber Base Overview for last 12 Months (Start - End):

Sl. NoCircleTotal Spectrum HoldingSep 21Aug 22Difference Sep 21 - Aug 22
1Kerala964.8 MHz16,550,71715,078,888-1,471,829
2Mumbai332.4 MHz11,579,61011,532,881-46,729
3Gujarat613.6 MHz24,305,58023,683,216-622,364
4Haryana556.0 MHz8,027,1627,771,735-255,427
5Maharashtra572.8 MHz29,368,88126,908,840-2,460,041
6UP - West480.0 MHz19,343,16118,103,713-1,239,448
7Kolkata334.0 MHz6,457,3566,024,917-432,439
8Delhi321.2 Mhz15,812,01116,530,586718,575
9West Bengal541.6 MHz16,496,69015,410,317-1,086,373
10Tamil Nadu412.8 MHz18,421,57517,555,468-866,107
11Punjab431.2 MHz8,864,4508,210,720-653,730
12UP - East391.2 MHz20,781,19119,910,512-870,679
13Madhya Pradesh542.0 MHz20,787,58819,166,403-1,621,185
14Rajasthan432.8 MHz11,626,79410,750,310-876,484
15Andhra Pradesh310.0 MHz14,768,58612,957,328-1,811,258
16Karnataka310.0 MHz8,531,5877,442,360-1,089,227
17Bihar96.8 MHz10,973,74710,115,082-858,665
Total 17 Circles262,696,686247,153,276-15,543,410

Bargraph Representation:

TRAI Sep 2021 and Aug 2022

If we look at the numbers reported for the last 12 months, except for Delhi, none of the priority circles made any subscriber additions. 16 of the 17 priority circles lost wireless subscribers, while Delhi (Metro) had a slight growth of subscribers, which stood at 16,530,586 in Aug 2022 from 15,812,011 in Sep 2021.

Recent Updates from the Telco:

  • The telco announced Diwali Offer on three long-term prepaid plans.
  • The telco recently lowered its postpaid tariffs and added Extra Data, Unlimited Night and other Tariff components to its plans to retain postpaid subscribers.
  • Vodafone Idea Launches Vi Music Events
  • Vodafone Idea (VIL) has introduced 300 new-format Vi Shops in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, and UP West.

Vodafone Idea Prepaid Plans:

You can check the Complete List of Vodafone idea's Prepaid Plans as of October 30, 2022, by clicking the link.


Only time will tell if Vodafone Idea's move to strategise and focus on 17 Priority circles will reap any benefits and increase the telco's market share and revenues.

Note: Manual work is involved, and care is taken to avoid any errors. Please report in case of any corrections. Liberalised Spectrum is considered for use with any technology.

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