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How To Opt A Mobile Service ProviderWe at Telecom Talk always strive to make our Readers get most of the available Telecom Facilities and wide range of options to choose from. In our effort to bring out the best from the present available World Class services, choices and Tariff Plans we dedicate this post to our Readers.

Let us begin with SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) to get in relation with a Network as well as our loved ones. Now a days buying a SIM card is not a costly issue like in earlier days, where we can get a SIM for as low as Rs1 now.

We know it will be tempting to get one or many if we are getting a SIM Card at a very low price with some initial talk time, message offers, night packs and lot more Bonanza (For limited time)with just a minimum first recharge and a life time validity, use them or use and throw them away.

Of course we agree that these are great offers but are surely offered for only a limited time (Talk Value, Night packs, free sms) excluding validity until the customer shares his new number with all his family and friends circle. Imagine what’s the situation after that promotional limited time ends? But you still have life time validity with no good packs available for you? Let the case might be with a free SIM or your own purchased SIM which you are using since years.

There may be multiple reasons for you to switch to a different Network but its TT responsibility to guide our readers on how to select a network before buying a New SIM or before porting OUT or IN to a different Network via MNP Service.

So, we made a check list that every mobile user should be aware of before choosing their Network Provider:

1) Check if the Network/Signal is available in your Area/Place/Home:

You should have a hassle free seamless connectivity when you are paying for it, So Look before you leap. Later don’t repent and go on complaining about the “No Network” in your Area.

In case if you want to switch to 3G/UMTS the same applies. You can check the availability of Network, weather it is GSM/3G using the Mobile’s Network Selection option (change to Manual) under Phone Settings Menu. If your required network is available, check the same by moving to different locations in your place to ensure total connectivity. Now you are ready with some selections.

2) Are Most of your Dear ones on the same Network?

There are many FNF offers or Night Talk Plans with in the same Network. So, if you are looking for such offers and schemes do best select a Network which is mostly used in your friends circle.

3) How is their customer service?

If you are confused regarding this do visit TRAI web page and check QOS –Quality of Service. You will get detailed information on how are complaints resolved. How are the customers treated? Incase if any misshapen is the Network willing to refund the debited amount? Is there any promised time to resolve the unsolved issue? Any unnecessary/Automatic VAS activations or messages/calls?

4) How about Recharge Coupons?

Recharge is the main consideration one should check because if Nil Balance there is nothing to Talk about here. We were not talking about ordinary TT recharge Coupons because these are available almost everywhere. As recharge Retailers depend on commission on the amount they recharge, the smaller the recharges packs are introduced for activating various packs by Telecos the higher the retailers reject to make a recharge of that small amount. So it’s better to check if there are always alternate ways to activate various coupons available. So please do check if that operator supports:

1) Internet Recharge for general and Special Packs

2) Activation of RCs through USSD

3) SMS Voucher activations

For free without any extra charges

5) Online Account Management:

In Recent days some operators have come up with a special service called “My Account Management” where customers can view their profile, last recharge date, last calls, last SMS etc. for free on WEB. All they have to do is just register for the service on Web.

6) Its Your Style:

Every operator has their own style of making and breaking rules, so it’s now your turn to select the rules you like. Every operator makes their own SMS, STD, Local, Night, GPRS, 3G packs and VAS services for their customers. Be aware of such packs/offers and to know what is good and bad just follow TT, We will do it for you. While some operators are still following high RCs, Call/SMS rates, Off-Net and ON-Net procedure for billing, what according to us is that there should be nothing like STD, Off-Net or On-Net, after all we are using spectrum from our own country and we have every right to communicate with in our country while it does not depend on the Network we use and for what we pay. We need the Right and the best from a Network.

Final Word:

So, finally what we want to say is get a network which values its customers with their services and matter the most for their needs ~ Cheers!

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