Hathway 150 Mbps Broadband Plan Starts at Rs 800 per Month

The 150 Mbps speed broadband plan from Hathway comes for Rs 800 per month in the Kolkata telecom circle

Hathway offers a variety of broadband plans to its customers all across India. Now Hathway is offering a 150 Mbps broadband plan. This plan will cost customers Rs 800 per month effectively. For the unaware, this plan doesn’t come with a purchase option of lesser than six months. So basically there are two plans – 6 months and 12 months. Along with that, whether the customer buys the 6 months plan or the 12 months plan, the benefits remain the same and there are no extra benefits apart from data. Whereas on the 150 Mbps broadband plans offered in other telecom circles, extra benefits are provided as displayed on the website of the internet service provider.

Hathway 150 Mbps Broadband Plan

The 6 months 150 Mbps broadband plan will cost Rs 4,800 which equates to Rs 800 per month and the 12 months plan will cost Rs 9,600 which also equates to the same Rs 800 per month. With this 150 Mbps plan, whether the customer purchases it for 6 months or 12 months, the monthly data will be 1,200GB. Post FUP data consumption, the downloading and uploading speed reduces to 5 Mbps. There is no other benefit with this plan.

As of now, this plan is being offered in the Kolkata telecom circle. The name of the plan is ‘Freedom2_150’. But it is not like other telecom circles of India don’t get the 150 Mbps plan. There is a 150 Mbps plan offered in other circles as well, but the cost of it is more. For example, in the Bangalore circle, the 150 Mbps broadband plan comes for Rs 5,394 for 6 months (monthly price equating to Rs 899) and Rs 10,788 for 12 months (monthly price equating to Rs 899).

But then there is the Chennai circle, where the 150 Mbps plan is a few rupees cheaper. There are two 150 Mbps plans offered in the Chennai circle, one for Rs 5,400 ( 6 months) and for Rs 4,794 (6 months). The other one falls in the more expensive category. This plan is Rs 6 cheaper but then offers only 1,000GB data against the 1,200GB data offered by the plan in Kolkata. Post FUP data, the speed reduces to 5 Mbps and the customers also get a free router and free installation with the plan.

One of the plans that customers of Hathway are still waiting for is the 1 Gbps broadband plan. Currently, the highest speed internet plan offered to the customers comes with 300 Mbps. Another thing that you should know about services from Hathway is that different telecom circles get different kind of plans. Not every telecom circle has the 300 Mbps plan or the 150 Mbps plan. One of the telecom circles, ‘Bhilai’ doesn’t even get a plan with more than 2 Mbps. Along with the benefits of the plans, the pricing also varies.

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