Google Duo for Android Might Allow Users to Reach Out With Email Address in Future

Google Duo Web users can already video Call their loved ones using Email Address and eliminate the need of phone numbers

By May 1st, 2020 AT 8:41 PM

Google Duo Android users might soon be able to connect with other people through email address. Currently, Google Duo allows users to use their phones number to connect with people. The news was revealed by the famous reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong on her twitter profile. Google Duo Web users already don’t have to use their phones numbers to connect with users. It is also expected that Google Duo is eliminating the need of using phone numbers to connect with different users in the App. Also, Google Duo is rolling out new features to ensure a better experience for its customers.

Google Duo Web Can be Accessed Without Phone Numbers

Google Duo Web already works without phone numbers. As per the reports by 9to5 Google, users can video call their friends and family with just email address on Google Duo Web. However, users who have not connected their mobile numbers, their names will not be visible in the contact list. Google Duo is extensively working on the same feature and eliminate the need of using phone number in Google Duo Android. It is expected that the feature will be rolled out soon by users.

Google Duo Users Can Screenshot Video Calls

Google Duo is rolling out new updates for its customers to give them an amazing video call experience. Since people are not able to move out and meet their special ones, video call is one of the most used features which is catering to the need of people in challenging times. Google Duo has rolled out a new update which will allow the users to screenshot images in between video calls. With the new feature, users will be able to create and store beautiful memories. Not only this, but Google Duo has also rolled out many other new features. Now, users can add up to 12 participants in a single video call. Also, Duo users will be able to save their videos on smartphones which used to get deleted after 24 hours.

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