Gigatel Offers Ridiculous Rs 699 Broadband Plan Against Jio, Excitel

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Gigatel Broadband

Gigatel is an internet service provider (ISP) based out of Delhi. It is a private ISP that only offers four broadband plans to its retails customers, with the most expensive plan offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The plans start from Rs 599 per month and range up to Rs 999 per month. So yes, the Rs 999 per month plan offers users 100 Mbps speeds which is exorbitant. But there’s another plan that’s just such a lacklustre offering from the company that it doesn’t even make sense. Since Gigatel is in Delhi, people living in the city also get the option of choosing plans from JioFiber, Excitel, and Airtel Xstream Fiber. When it comes to the Rs 699 plan, Gigatel just offers a ridiculous plan that might just make some people laugh. Let’s take a look at this plan in detail.

Gigatel Rs 699 Broadband Plan That You Don’t Want!

Gigatel’s Rs 699 broadband plan offers users only 50 Mbps internet speed. Users don’t get any over-the-top (OTT) benefits with the broadband plan, and further, there is no voice calling connection provided by the company.

But the company promises users unlimited data, and the website of the company says that there is no fair usage policy (FUP) limit applicable on the data usage. Even though this is a good deal, the amount of data that users get with the plans from Reliance Jio is 3.3TB which is also quite sufficient since there is hardly any user who would able to consume all of that data.

There’s really nothing more to the Rs 699 broadband plan from Gigatel. In comparison, for the same rate, Reliance Jio and Excitel provide their users with a 100 Mbps plan. Neither of the companies offers any OTT benefits as well, but they offer sufficient data with good speeds.

To top it, at this price with 100 Mbps speed, Excitel provides users with truly unlimited data without any FUP limit. JioFiber users also get a free Set-Top Box (STB) from the company that can run all your favourite OTT apps directly on the TV.

There’s no reason why Gigatel will be able to even touch the market share of Excitel or Reliance Jio in Delhi or, for that matter, any other circle even if it decides to expand one day. The only way for Gigatel to sustain itself right now is to launch new plans and offer users better value. The price isn’t the issue with the Gigatel broadband plans; it is the benefits these plans come with.

Hopefully, Gigatel comes out with better plans in the near future, or the company won’t have any space for itself in the retail market share.

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