“Get Rid of Your Internet Addiction” with IdeaLife

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From walk and talk to oongli cricket and from saving trees to saving paper, IDEA Cellular campaigns says it all. !dea cellular, which is known for supporting many of the social causes has now popped out another unique initiative which is dubbed as “idealife”. This campaign pleads you to disconnect from the internet and say yes to life.

Idealife is a social network hub that brings together all your favorite social networks like facebook, YouTube, and Twitter making them easily accessible from your mobile phone and also on web. If you have symptoms of Social dysfunction, obsessive click syndrome and also compulsive typing syndrome then it’s high time that you need to sign up for idea life initiative which claims to reclaim your life.

Get rid of your internet addiction and visit idealife.in to do all the interesting things of internet without the internet but via sms.So if you too are an internet addict then come forward, join this initiative to reclaim your life! You can also log on to www.idealife.in for more.

If you are an !dea subscriber then simply SMS <your name> to 55155 Toll-Free or if you are not an !dea subscriber, then SMS <your name> to 8108080808 (charged as per your tariff) to get more details on idea life. Update your status in all your social networks by sending one text message to Idealife (55155), Share pictures, videos and music on all your social networks by sending one multimedia message to Idealife (55155).

Idealife is a free service for Idea subscribers. Make sure you have your text message, picture message and data plan activated in your mobile subscription to fully benefit from it!

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