FCC Grants Milachi Experimental License for 5G Broadcast Service Testing

FCC approves Milachi Media's experimental testing of 5G-based broadcast services, allowing broadcast television signals to be received on smartphones, tablets, and devices with 5G chips.


  • FCC grants Milachi Media's request for experimental special temporary authority (STA) to test 5G Broadcast technology.
  • 5G Broadcast enables broadcast TV signals to be received on smartphones, tablets, and devices with 5G chips.
  • Testing to include real-time emergency alerts and advanced video and data services.

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FCC Grants Milachi Media Experimental License for 5G Broadcast Service Testing

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the US has granted Milachi Media (Milachi) experimental special temporary authority (STA) to conduct testing of 5G based broadcast services (5G Broadcast), according to the FCC Application status. Milachi is the low-power television translator station WWOO-LD licensee in Westmoreland, New Hampshire.

FCC Approval for 5G Broadcast Testing

According to the Authorization letter, the approval, which extends through January 16, 2024, paves the way for Milachi to explore the potential of 5G Broadcast technology. This technology enables broadcast television signals to be seamlessly received by the public on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices equipped with a 5G chip that can handle transmissions within the broadcast television band.

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5G Broadcast Testing Partners

According to the Reference letter, Milachi, along with its partners XGEN Networks, Qualcomm, and other players in the telecommunications sector, envisions 5G Broadcast not just as a medium for transmitting traditional television service but also as a tool to alleviate congestion on existing 5G networks and offer advanced video and data services for various purposes, including public safety, software updates, and distance learning.

Continued Television Programming and Emergency Services

During the testing period, Milachi will continue to provide traditional television programming via 5G Broadcast while also collaborating with first responders to deliver enterprise video and data services, along with real-time emergency alerts.

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"Upon review of the application, we conclude that the request complies with the Commission's requirements for an experimental authorization and the public interest would be served by grant of Milachi's request," said the FCC in its Authorization letter.

"We find that Milachi has proposed a definite program of research and experimentation; stands ready to proceed with such research; is not expected to cause any objectional interference; and the experiment is likely to provide valuable information to allow broadcasters to better understand how 5G Broadcast can be used not only for traditional television services but also new and innovative video and data services."

The 5G Broadcast technology is viewed as a game-changer, capable of delivering content to multiple users simultaneously and at lightning speed while also alleviating network congestion and bolstering efficiency.

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