Express Wi-Fi Hotspots to Come in More Cities of India, Thanks to Facebook

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Express Wi-Fi is a platform developed by Facebook to drive growth in the number of people and businesses that can access the internet and data connectivity on the go. To scale the reach of the connectivity platform further, Facebook has just partnered with D-VoiS and Netplus, two internet service providers (ISPs) of India.

According to an ET Telecom report, the ISPs will be launching new public Wi-Fi hotspots in Bangalore, Karnataka and several cities of Punjab. This will help Indians stay more connected, leveraging fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks around the country.

Express Wi-Fi to Enable Growth of Economy

The more connected businesses and the people are, the more the local economy will bolster. Express Wi-Fi is tailored to help internet service providers (ISPs), mobile operators, and satellite operators to grow and monetise their Wi-Fi businesses.

For the unaware, Express Wi-Fi is not a new platform. It is already being used by partners of Facebook in around 30 countries. Further, the platform has already been part of the Indian ecosystem as it has been deployed in over 12 states already and is providing convenient public Wi-Fi options to the people living in these 12 states.

In fact, when the first wave of COVID-19 struck India, and nationwide lockdowns were announced, Facebook used its Express Wi-Fi platform in delivering verified facts and information from credible sources to the people of the country.

As more and more people jump to leverage online connectivity for growing their business and expanding their reach, the need for more powerful internet networks increase. This is a gap that can be filled by the platform of Express Wi-Fi by Facebook.

The new partnership of Facebook with the two ISPs (D-VoiS and Netplus) will help India in staying connected and add to the growth of the local economy. A lot of new opportunities for the micro-entrepreneurs living in Punjab and Bangalore will emerge as new connectivity mediums, and platforms such as the Express Wi-Fi by Facebook arrive in India.

The partnership between Facebook and the ISPs has just started, and it might expand to more cities and states in the future.

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