Exclusive: Airtel To Introduce Voice Blogging Service

Bharti Airtel India’s leading GSM service provider is in its process to introduce Voice Blogging service first of its kind innovative value added service for its subscribers in India.

Now Airtel subscribers can record your own blog and share with your friends all you need to do is dial *7* from your airtel mobile follow the procedure and start blogging using your own voice charges 75 paisa per minute.

This will help Airtel subscribers to express themselves to their followers all in one go just by dialing *7*.One can also keep his blog in public and in private mode you can also subscriber to your friends blog by sending a text message to 52000(Toll Free) as SUB 9XXXXXX phone number of your friend whom you wish to subscribe.

Our sources also indicate that celebrities from the industries are being engaged to use this platform and they are being given vanity blog codes we don’t have any info regarding the celebrities who is going to participate hope we will be getting a clear-cut picture during the official launch.


Creation of Blog- By dialing *7* – 75 paisa per minute.

Listen to the blogs of everyone you are following –Dial *2* -75 paisa per minute.

Listen to a particular blog –Dial *9XXXXXXXX# (Mobile Phone Number of the user who you wish to listen) – 75 paisa per minute.

Subscribing to a celebrity blog *5XXX* the feature is yet to be implanted will let you know when the vanity code is live charges Rs 10 per month and 75 paisa per minute.

To unsubscribe SMS UNSUB your mobile Number to 52000 (Toll Free).

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April 7, 2010 11:28 am 11:28 AM
Ameya S : @karthikeyan Are you joking man? When did Airtel copy VAS? Airtel was the first operator to launch caller back tune service in 2004 named Hello Tunes. Later on every company copied it. Along with that Airtel has launched Voice Message (named Bubble Talk earlier), Mobile Radio, Airtel Talkies, Twitter via SMS, buddy finder like many services for the first time in the indian market & almost all companies have copied them. Airtel has also received many awards in mobile congress for bringing innovative VAS. Just google it or go through archives of this site, you ‘ll get… Read more »
Ameya S
April 7, 2010 10:39 am 10:39 AM

And yes, bubble talk servise is nothing but voice message service (put * before phone number and send message type)

Ameya S
April 7, 2010 10:38 am 10:38 AM

shivaram :
isnt this the same what bubblemotion.com offers. incidently Airtel is also a customer for bubblemotion. check it bubblemotion.com/our-customers.html

Airtel is a client of this company and this company provides end to end value added solutions cellular operators. Voice message and this service is being powered by Bubble Motion itself. This company mentions that “Bubble Motion and Bharti Airtel have partnered to launch BubbleTalk and BubbleCast in India.{