Excitel is Offering 100 Mbps Broadband Connection With No FUP Limit at Rs 895

The one thing that annoys most Internet users is the FUP limits or the data usage caps set by ISPs. These FUP limits restrict internet speed after the said data is exhausted under your plan. As an alternative to this, Delhi based startup Excitel Broadband offers truly unlimited broadband data plans at full speeds with no FUP limits. Sounds interesting, right? But that’s actually true. Under its ‘Truly Unlimited‘ plan, Excitel is offering unlimited internet without any data FUP at Rs 895 (excluding taxes). The said plan gives 100 Mbps download speeds. Also, Excitel Broadband lately announced its entry into the second operational city, Hyderabad with a “Welcome Offer”.


Under its “Truly Unlimited” Plan, Excitel claims to offer unlimited internet without data FUP limits, which means you can consume internet data at full speed throttle. In Hyderabad, the company is offering plans with 100Mbps speed costing below Rs 1,000. This makes it first Internet Service Provider in India with 100 Mbps plans under Rs 1000 price bracket. The company is also giving Rs 100 off on all plans for a limited period, which otherwise are available at an original price in Delhi.

Excitel Broadband has three internet plans with one being 100Mbps plan. These are Reeltime 695, Reeltime 845, Reeltime 995, under which Excitel is offering 50Mbps, 75Mbps, and 100Mbps download speeds respectively.

All three plans are now available for new customers in Hyderabad for Rs 100 less. This means Promo Reeltime 50Mbps starts for Rs 595, Promo Reeltime 75Mbps plan goes at Rs 745 and lastly the 100Mbps plan for Rs 895. These prices are however exclusive of taxes.

Apart from the prices mentioned and taxes, Excitel promises there won’t extra hidden charges levied on customers. This means customers don’t have to pay installation charges for first time setup of the connection.

Moreover, Excitel also promises no speed drops at all. Still, if you are not content with the services, you can cancel the subscription at any point during the first month, and you will get your entire money back, the company adds.

However, the service is limited to select areas for now, and the company says their customer representative will call the customers to confirm technical feasibility for the area. This is, of course, free of cost service.

In order to avail a new Excitel Broadband connection, customers are required to confirm their personal and address details on the official website of the company.

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Divyank Singh
March 4, 2018 2:02 pm 2:02 PM

I am done with excitel, i just wanna add comment that I am changing to ACT fibre net. Excitel ucks. Not more than 12 mbps in the name of 20 or even 75 mbps. Frequent outtage lasting more than 12 hours a day. Not able to do my work properly.

Praveen (Delhi)
March 4, 2018 2:33 am 2:33 AM
My experience with Excitel internet in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi was awesome, there wasn’t any down time there and speed was also constant at its maximum quoted value I get shifted to Vaishali, Ghaziabad and continued with Excitel here but it is very pathetic in Vaishali area. They are providing 7 MBPS on the name of 50 MBPS, sometimes it deliver less than 1 MBPS speed also. This is the case when my internet get working. I have experienced more than 10 days as downtime out of 30 days recharge period. Complained various time to local team but no use, they… Read more »
aRvInD Gr
March 4, 2018 1:35 pm 1:35 PM

Now that’s reality.. Thanks for writeup…!!

March 4, 2018 10:34 am 10:34 AM

You’re unlucky at the moment, a few places aren’t as good as others maybe due to LCOs handling badly.
Though at my area Excitel is 50/50 mbps up & down 24×7. You can get a few downtime if your LCOs dont have electricity backup.
besides 50 mbps speed you won’t get from servers outside of India. speed could be as low as 3-5 mbps on foreign sites. that’s bad thing about the all local internet providers who are giving 50 mbps unlimited plans at 600-800 Rs.

Manoj Singh
March 4, 2018 9:53 am 9:53 AM

Problem with lco

March 4, 2018 12:53 am 12:53 AM

Provide ur service in rohini sector 15 also plzz fast