Ericsson and Partners Attain End-to-End Multivendor 5G Voice Call

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Ericsson 5G Voice Call

Ericsson conducted a trial to provide the 5G backbone that enabled the Voice over New Radio (VoNR) technology breakthrough. The Voice over New Radio (VoNR) technology will play a key role in enhancing mobile voice quality across vendors and enable new immersive video and extended reality services in the future. The demo trial was conducted at Deutsche Telekom’s innovation lab in Warsaw, Poland, on its 5G standalone network infrastructure in test mode. The trial also included several other technology partners.

The Test Would Enable Launch of Superior Quality 5G Voice Services

The successful completion of the new offering by Ericsson marks an achievement that would be a step towards the commercial launch of superior quality 5G voice services. These 5G voice services would be on cloud-native 5G standalone networks and will offer improved HD voice and speech quality.

It will also provide improved video calling quality and an opportunity to serve both 5G voice and 5G data services simultaneously. The test conducted has already showcased 5G voice and 5G data services running in parallel in this regard. It is expected that 5G VoNR will boost new revenue opportunities like immersive video conferencing and 5G interactive calling. These opportunities will come through augmented or virtual reality technologies.

Ericsson Has Invested Heavily in the Development of 5G

As part of the recently conducted trial, Ericsson provided its 5G solutions like its cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core platform. The technology company also showcased Ericsson Radio System products which included Baseband 6630 and Radio 4422 for mid-band 5G. In the recent past, Ericsson partnered with a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom group, T-Mobile US. The partnership aimed to deliver several 5G standalone milestones, including the first low-band 5G standalone voice call using an Evolved Packet System (EPS) fallback to voice over LTE (VoLTE), which enables high-quality voice services based on 4G LTE technologies in 5G standalone architecture.

VoNR Demonstrates the Strength and Recognition of Cloud-Native 5G Core Network: Ericsson

Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Services at Ericsson, Jan Karlsson, said that the end-to-end 5G VoNR going live with the first call in Deutsche Telekom network demonstrates strength and recognition of Ericsson’s cloud-native 5G core network for standalone 5G networks. Deutsche Telekom’s SVP of Strategy & Technology Innovation, Alex Choi, also commented on the trial by stating that high quality and seamless voice calling is an effective service for their customers in the 5G era. He added that the introduction of 5G VoNR could differentiate next-generation immersive applications that integrate high speed 5G data with high-definition audio.

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