Enea Launches 5G MicroCore Using 5G Private Networks for Industry 4.0 Initiatives

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Since the demand for high-speed internet connection with low latency and fast communication has increased rapidly, especially in the industry and manufacturing sector, private 5G networks are catering to the increased need for stable and high-speed internet connection. To hop in the trend, the global information technology company Enea has announced the launch of 5G MicroCore for enterprises utilising the private 5G networks to support smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives. The 5G MicroCore by Enea has been designed using the 5G core solutions of the company, which are deployed by a number of Tier 1 operators.

Enea 5G MicroCore Solutions to Deliver Numerous Benefits for Enterprises

The operator version of 5G MicroCore is interoperable and designed to give enterprises the freedom to blend the product that suits the business model and organisation benefits to avoid supplier lock-in situations. The 5G MicroCore solution by Enea uses several data management capabilities, including user data repository (UDR), authentic server function (AUSF) and unified data manager (UDM). The company claims that it delivers multiple benefits for enterprises to effectively manage their data.

Enea believes that using the 5G MicroCore system provides telco-grade reliability and security for data shortage and access from the core to the edge to protect the enterprise network. The cloud-ready structure of the system makes it seamless for edge integration which makes it the best fit for small-scale enterprise settings.

Also, the Enea 5G MicroCore system offers zero-touch operation using self-management features for fast deployment. The company has designed the new system in the most optimal way, and it can work efficiently with both private and public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Affirmed Unity Cloud.

Asia-Pacific Region Will Be the Early Adopters of Private 5G Networks

Various small businesses have started the trials of the 5G MicroCore solution, whereas some entities have deployed a private 5G network in smart factories to support Industry 4.0 initiatives. As estimated by ABI research, the Asia-Pacific region will lead in the deployment of private 5G networks. Enterprises network revenue around the globe by 2025 is expected to be worth $7 billion. Roland Steiner, who is the Senior Vice President of Telecom Business Unit at Enea, marked that 5G MicroCore will offer the best of both worlds to enterprises. They will get a sophisticated 5G core with telco-grade robustness at the right pace for fast provisioning.

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