DoT Plans to Enhance Network Quality by building In-house Platforms

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DoT has been collecting call records of the masses to check the poor network quality. To enhance the network quality, the Department of Telecommunications or DoT is planning to build in-house platforms which would be backed by the big data analytics collected by the telecom department. However, the call data collection by DoT has been criticised by various telecom operators as they consider it as unnecessary. But as per DoT, the data would help to create a platform which would further enhance network quality and give the best calling experience to users.

DoT Should Work with Trai: Telecom Operators

DoT has stated that in order to find the reasons for poor network quality, call data of various users are being stored in the system. With the collected data, DoT will create in-house platforms which will further rectify the exact reason for poor network quality. It is expected that poor network quality can be because of insufficient mobile towers, network congestion and many more.

However, telecom operators have marked that DoT should closely work with Trai in resolving the issue of poor network quality rather than invading the privacy of users. As per the words of Vrinda Bhandari who is an advocate in Delhi High Court, collecting data in such a large scale without any approvals and in the absence of data protection framework will create a negative and doubtful impact on users and telecom operators. However, as per the officials, DoT is not planning to depend upon any third-party platform or surveys to get the necessary information needed for the rectification of poor network. This news is reported by ET Telecom.

DoT Considers 20 Years Period for AGR Payment

In another news, DoT has considered the condition of 20 years period for the payment of AGR dues which has been put forwards by telcos. Telco giants such as Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and many other stressed telcos owes a cumulative amount of Rs 1.47 lakh crore towards AGR dues, and till date, the telco giants have paid a small amount from the massive chunk. In order to relief the telcos, DoT is planning to allow the deferred payment mechanism which would lift off the stress from telcos and also result in payment of AGR dues. However, the Supreme Court has today come hard at both DoT and telecom operators for self-assessing the AGR dues and seeking permission of extension.

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