Google Translate on Android Can Now Transcribe Conversations in Real Time

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Google Translate is probably one of the most useful Google tools. Whether it is to translate single words or phrases or entire paragraphs, the Google translator allows switching from one language to another with great ease. Now, Google wants to take it a little further with implementing the new Transcribe function. It is possible that on the Internet you will find many tools to translate texts that we do not understand because they are written in other languages. It may be too late for many to learn a new language, but with new technologies, who can not resist using them for their own benefit. In addition, many users do not have the advantages that others have. They need systems that help them understand or understand languages.

This can be done thanks to the help offered by technology through applications such as Google Translate and its new transcription function. In essence, the Mountain View firm has brought a significant improvement to its translation application. As it is now able to listen to someone through a microphone, instantly translate what it says and then put it on the screen in the target language.

The company said that the Transcribe function in Google Translate currently supports eight languages: English, French, German, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. This can be enormously helpful in many situations as it works both ways, so users can also read what they said and then use the tool to speak and have the app translate it.

How Does It work?

To try out this new transcription function, just run the Google Translate application on the Android device and touch the Transcribe icon on the home screen. Then in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, select the source and target languages.
To pause or restart the transcription, just touch the microphone icon. Users can also view the original transcript, resize the text, and even choose a dark theme from the settings menu.

According to Google, they will continue to improve the transcribe conversations in a variety of situations. However, for now, the new transcription feature works best in a quiet environment with one person speaking at a time. To enjoy this new feature, users must have the latest version of Google Translate for Android installed.

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