Dish TV Shifts Production of Set-Top Boxes to India Following Tata Sky

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A few days back we reported that Tata Sky has shifted the production of Set-Top Boxes to India supporting the government’s vision of ‘Make in India’. Following the footsteps of Tata Sky, Dish TV, one of the biggest DTH operators of the country has done the same. So now, Set-Top Boxes of Dish TV will be completely manufactured in India as well. But there is a difference between Tata Sky and Dish TV. Dish TV has completely shifted the production to India whereas Tata Sky has done so partly. More on the story ahead.

Dish TV Becomes India’s First DTH Operator to Build STBs Locally

Even though it was Tata Sky which first announced the shifting of production from a foreign country to India, the record of first DTH operator to build STBs locally has been bagged by Dish TV. The DTH operator is completely going to manufacture its Set-Top Boxes in India.

Tata Sky has made plans with its partner Technicolor for shifting the production to India. The DTH operator plans to execute its plans for manufacturing STBs in India by early 2021. But Dish TV has taken a lead here as well.

While Tata Sky still has some time before it starts manufacturing in India, Dish TV has already manufactured over 1,000 Set-Top Boxes in India. The models which are manufactured in India are numbered DCH-2090S and the STBs are named DishNXT. These STBs have a matte finish and they come in black colour.

It is good to see Indian DTH operators falling in line with the government’s vision of ‘Make in India’ and helping India to achieve its ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ status. One of the most important things that this will do is it will contribute to the economy of India by creating more jobs and keeping the money in India only. Another result of locally manufactured STBs might be lower cost. Locally manufacturing the STBs might be cheaper since there would be no transportation cost and customs tax for the company. But it can also result in the STBs becoming more expensive. Only time will tell what kind of change it will be or whether there will be any change at all.

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