CRTC Takes Major Step to Boost Cellphone Service Competition in Canada

CRTC sets final rules for regional cellphone providers to operate as MVNOs, promoting competition and expanding consumer choices in Canada's cellphone service market.


  • CRTC enables regional cellphone providers to operate as MVNOs across Canada.
  • Final rules set for MVNO access agreements.
  • Companies have 90 days to negotiate agreements.

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CRTC Takes Major Step to Boost Cellphone Service Competition in Canada

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has made a significant step in promoting competition in the country's cellphone service market. To enhance consumer choice and expand coverage, the CRTC has set the final rules for regional cellphone providers to operate as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) across Canada, according to an update on the official website.

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CRTC Promotes Cellphone Service Competition

According to the statement, in 2021, the CRTC introduced an initial policy allowing regional cellphone providers to access larger networks and compete as MVNOs with established players. This policy requires large cellphone companies to share their networks with MVNOs, enabling regional competitors to offer services in areas they currently do not serve.

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Final Rules for MVNO Access

With the final rules now in place, companies have a 90-day period to negotiate MVNO access agreements. The CRTC expects that once these agreements are established, regional competitors will swiftly enter new markets and begin offering their cellphone plans to consumers. This move is set to provide Canadians with more options and increased competition in the cellphone service landscape.

The CEO of CRTC said, "The CRTC is taking action to promote competition in the cellphone services market. Today's decision builds on our efforts to ensure that Canadians benefit from lower prices and more choice for telecommunications services"

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Expanding Choices for Canadian Consumers

The CRTC emphasizes its commitment to ensuring that these negotiations progress rapidly, as it aims to facilitate a seamless transition and expedite the expansion of services. By fostering a more competitive environment, the CRTC anticipates that Canadians will benefit from a range of cellphone service choices.

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This decision by the CRTC represents a significant development in the efforts to enhance competition and provide consumers with improved accessibility to cellphone services across Canada.

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