Cellular One Partners With Optiva for Network Modernization and VoLTE Launch

Cellular One partners with Optiva to modernize its network and launch VoLTE services, ensuring enhanced coverage for its subscribers. Optiva's 5G-ready BSS platform enables network modernization and offers benefits such as flexible plans and accelerated time to market.


  • Optiva's 5G-ready BSS platform supports network modernization and digital transformation.
  • Benefits include monetization of 4G and 5G services, flexible rate plans, and faster time to market.
  • Cellular One delivers mobile technology to underserved tribal lands and rural communities.

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Cellular One Launches VoLTE, Partners Optiva for Network Transformation

Cellular One, a provider of mobile technology and wireless communications to tribal lands and communities in the American Southwest, has chosen Optiva as its strategic partner for network modernisation and the critical launch of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services.

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Transitioning to VoLTE for Enhanced Coverage

According to the statement, With the phase-out of 3G networks by Cellular One's partners, there is a need to free up spectrum and infrastructure to support new network services. In response, Cellular One is transitioning its subscribers to VoLTE service, enabling both in-network and roaming coverage.

Optiva's 5G-Ready BSS Platform

Optiva's 5G-ready Business Support System (BSS) platform will play a crucial role in Cellular One's network modernisation and digital transformation initiatives, specifically in the implementation of VoLTE. This partnership promises benefits, including monetising 4G and 5G services, flexible policy rate plans, faster time to market, improved network coverage, an enhanced mobile experience for subscribers, and the potential for new revenue streams for Cellular One.

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Ensuring Reliable Internet Access for Customers

According to a statement by Cellular One, "Optiva's BSS platform will help ensure continued access to mobile data, voice, text, and internet for its customers. It will enable families, organisations, and public safety officials to stay connected and access critical resources such as telehealth, online education, and financial services."

Optiva expressed gratitude for the longstanding 10-year partnership with Cellular One and affirmed their commitment to supporting this network modernisation initiative.

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Optiva: A Leading Provider of Revenue Management Software

Optiva, a leading provider of mission-critical, cloud-native revenue management software for the telecommunications industry, offers its products globally through private and public clouds.

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Cellular One: Delivering Mobile Technology to Underserved Communities

For over 25 years, Cellular One has been at the forefront of delivering mobile technology and wireless communications services to underserved tribal lands and rural communities in the American Southwest. According to the Cellular One website, its network spans over 230 cell sites, covering 60,000 square miles. Cellular One serves some of the country's most sparsely populated and hard-to-reach regions.

Expanding Coverage in Sparsely Populated Regions

Headquartered in Northeast Arizona, Cellular One caters to the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and White Mountain Apache tribal nations, as well as numerous rural communities across parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The partnership between Cellular One and Optiva represents a significant step forward in expanding access to vital communication services for these underserved regions.

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