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Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: Who Offers the Most Expensive Disney+ Hotstar Plan

With the demand for OTT or Over-The-Top platforms being on an all-time high, telecom operators bundle up the subscriptions to this platform along with their prepaid plans. One of the leading OTT platforms in the country is Disney+ Hotstar and all three private players – Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vi offer multiple prepaid plans along with the subscription to the platform. In this article, we are going to look at... Read More

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Airtel vs Jio vs Vi: Check the Best 28 Days Plans

All three leading telecom service providers offer a variety of prepaid plans for their subscribers. The plans offered by these telcos range all the way from high priced data-intensive plans to cheaper options and from long validity plans to packs that have shorter validity periods. However, the majority of the Indian population opt for budget prepaid plans with monthly billing cycles. Consequently, the 28-day validity plans are highly popular in... Read More

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Airtel and Vi Prepaid Plans for Budget Consumers in February 2022

Telecom operators offer a variety of prepaid plans for their subscribers from affordable options to expensive plans with greater benefits. However, a majority of the population in India relies on budget prepaid offerings for calling and data. Airtel and Vodafone Idea provide quite similar prepaid plans when it comes to pricing as well as benefits. Mentioned below are some of the affordable prepaid plans under Rs 300 offered by Airtel... Read More

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Jio, Airtel, Vi Postpaid Plans You Must Know About

If you are looking to switch to a postpaid subscription, the telecom operators in India offer a variety of postpaid plans along with popular prepaid plans. Postpaid plans offered by telcos range from very cheap prices to expensive price tags with amazing benefits. Further, users can get family connections at just one price tag as well as individual connections. However, there are some postpaid plans offered by the telcos that... Read More

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Jio vs Airtel vs Vi Prepaid Plans With 84 Days Validity

One of the most popular prepaid plans offered by telecom operators in India are the long-term plans. A majority of users like to invest in a plan that ensures data and voice calling benefits for a larger period of time. The telcos offer multiple long-term plans but apparently, the plans with 84 days of validity are in high demand. In this article, we are going to have a look at... Read More

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Jio, Airtel, Vi 2GB Daily Data Plans You Should Check Out

Telecom operators in India offer a bunch of prepaid plans for their user base with daily data plans being the most popular. Telcos offer a wide range of daily data plans, however, if you’re looking for a daily data plan that offers sufficient data as well as falls in the comparatively mid-price range segment, the 2GB/day plans might be the way to go. Moreover, the companies offer their daily data... Read More

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Top Prepaid Plans for Data Intensive Users in India

Telecom operators in India provide a variety of prepaid plans for their subscribers to choose from. Users get the option to either go for the cost-effective daily data plans that offer adequate data or to opt for high-end prepaid plans that offer more data every day. These high-end prepaid plans are optimum for users who are looking for more daily data in their prepaid plans. Mentioned below are the top... Read More

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Premium Postpaid Plans from Airtel and Vi

While prepaid plans seem to be the popular choice when subscribing to a service, postpaid plans on the other hand can offer you everything at one-stop from voice calls to unlimited 4G data and both individual and family connections along with tons of perks. Even though users can opt for budget postpaid plans offered by the telecom operators, it’s the high-end packs that offer the real deals. Along with the... Read More

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Airtel vs Vodafone Idea – Disney+ Hotstar Prepaid Plans Compared

The most popular prepaid plan offered by any telecom company is its daily data plan which offers everything in one place for the users, be it data, voice calls or SMS. With the rising demand for OTT platforms, telcos also bundle up subscriptions to a few OTT platforms along with their plans for their content-loving user base. Two of the major telcos in India Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea offer... Read More

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Airtel and Vi Offerings for New Postpaid Service Adopters

In today’s day and age, users need plans that can offer them everything in one place, be it good-quality internet, unlimited voice calls or added benefits that come along. Telcos in the country have been providing multiple plans bundled up with offers to satisfy the need of the users. While some users might prefer to go for the prepaid plans while subscribing for their mobile services, some on the other... Read More

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All 4G Data Vouchers Offered by Jio, Airtel and Vi

The use of the internet has grown exponentially in the country since the last six years as telecom operators in the country came up with affordable tariff plans. Users now have access to a variety of choices of prepaid plans that are affordable as well. The most commonly used plans are the daily data packs that not only provide unlimited calling but also offer a fixed amount of data each... Read More

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3GB Prepaid Plans From Airtel, Jio and Vi for Heavy Data Users

The COVID-19 pandemic induced an increase in demand for data among all households. With companies adopting work from home, the requirement for higher data packs has increased. The telecom operators have launched new plans and revised several existing ones considering such demands. The subscribers who are eyeing more data per day can consider opting for the 3GB prepaid plans. Airtel, Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Reliance Jio have several 3GB data... Read More

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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Vi eSIM Available for Prepaid Users Only in Limited Circles

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