BSNL to Launch 4G Network in Tamil Nadu by June 2024: Report

BSNL Plans to Launch 4G Services in Tamil Nadu by June 2024 with Homegrown Equipment and TCS Software. BSNL to Provide Superior Quality 5G Service Shortly After 4G Launch.


  • BSNL aims to launch 4G services in Tamil Nadu by June 2024 with homegrown equipment and TCS software.
  • The infrastructure creation for the rollout is in progress, with equipment installation expected to be completed by December.
  • The 4G service will seamlessly transition to 5G in the future, offering superior quality connectivity.

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BSNL to Launch 4G Network in Tamil Nadu by June 2024: Report

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is gearing up to launch its 4G services in Tamil Nadu by June 2024, utilizing homegrown equipment and software supplied by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), according to a report by The Hindu. The infrastructure creation for the rollout of 4G services is expected to be completed within 18 months, with equipment and software deliveries underway, which might go up to December 2023.

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Once the installation, testing, and trial phases are completed, BSNL's 4G service will be available across Tamil Nadu by June 2024. However, neighbouring Kerala, a significant contributor to BSNL's revenue, will likely receive the statewide 4G service even earlier than the deadline.

Seamless Transition to 5G Technology

The report quoted a Top BSNL official who highlighted that a software upgrade will allow BSNL to seamlessly transition its 4G service to 5G. Therefore, BSNL plans to offer 5G service shortly after the 4G launch, ensuring superior quality connectivity.

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Targeted Coverage and Signal Strength

During the trial period, BSNL will identify any service deficiencies and address them in specific "patch areas." The installation of new signal transmission towers, in addition to existing ones, is underway to ensure comprehensive coverage in Tirunelveli, Tenkasi, Thoothukudi, and Kanniyakumari districts. To strengthen the forthcoming 4G service, BSNL plans to add 50 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) to the existing 526 BTS in Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, and Tenkasi districts.

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Battery Upgrade to Address Power Outages

To address signal transmission issues during power cuts, BSNL is providing batteries with a capacity of 3,000 Amp-hours (Ah) for its BTS, as the lack of powerful batteries or diesel generators has been a prime reason for signal disruptions.

Continuation of 2G Services

While BSNL plans to discontinue its 3G services immediately after launching 4G, the company intends to continue offering 2G services. BSNL recognizes that a significant portion of its revenue comes from 2G services, catering to users who rely on basic feature phones for voice calls.

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"While the private players get the major chunk of their revenue through selling data for the 5G and 4G services, the fulcrum of our source of income is 2G services (ordinary voice service) even today. In other words, we, serving the poor who rely upon the ordinary feature phones for just talking with their family, friends and relatives, want to serve them even at the advent of 4G or 5G services. So we'll continue to offer the 2G service," the report quoted the BSNL official as saying.

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Subscribers Encouraged to Obtain 4G SIMs

BSNL has encouraged subscribers to obtain 4G SIMs free of charge from its service centres to enjoy the upcoming service. However, random re-verification of subscriber identities is conducted through various sources to prevent SIM misuse for malicious purposes.

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