BSNL Rs 429 Prepaid Plan Now Ships With Extra 1.5GB Data Per Day

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been rolling out new consumer-centric offers for the subscribers every month. The state-led telecom operator has especially been active revising its prepaid portfolio. The telecom operator has been making revisions after revisions, to increase the attractiveness of its prepaid plans and to lure more subscribers. As part of this move, BSNL had launched a Bumper Offer which saw a massive response from the BSNL prepaid users. Under this plan, BSNL was providing up to 2.2GB of extra data per day to its subscribers. This meant that subscribers who were on 1GB daily data plan could have more than twice that data as bonus. However, now the Bumper Offer has come to an end but, what has taken its place now is a different bonus data plan. So, BSNL subscribers can be assured of some bonus data, but there are some changes in the bonus data offer which the customers should be aware about.


Extra Data Benefit on BSNL Rs 429 Prepaid Plan

In a new update, BSNL has remarked that the promotional bonus data offer for subscribers will be effective starting October 8, 2019. The telecom operator also noted that the prepaid voucher of Rs 429 along with other plans would be under this offer. It is worth noting that the Rs 429 prepaid plan by BSNL is one of the popular ones. The Rs 429 prepaid plan comes with 71 days validity, and it offers 1GB data per day to the subscribers. However, now combined with the new bonus data offer, the subscribers will enjoy increased data limit on this plan.

The subscribers of Rs 429 prepaid plan by BSNL should note that along with this new extra data offer they will be able to enjoy 1.5GB extra data on top of their existing data limit. This means that the subscribers will have a total of 2.5GB data limit per day, and this will be the case until the end of October. What is unique about this offer is that the bonus data will be different for the month of November, as BSNL has noted that in the November month, the subscribers will get 1GB extra data benefit as opposed to 1.5GB in October, meaning that in November, the subscribers will enjoy a total of 2GB data per day.

Shifting from Bumper Offer to New Bonus Data Offer

It is also crucial to note that previously in the Bumper Offer period, the subscribers were enjoying more data than what BSNL is offering under the bonus period. With the previous offer, the subscribers had access to 2.2GB extra data which is 700MB more than the current 1.5GB bonus. However, with that being said, it can be considered a good move for the consumers as BSNL has decided not to do away with bonus data at once and has instead decided to do a slow transition by reducing the amount of bonus data on its prepaid plans.

Extra Data Benefit on BSNL Rs 1,699 Prepaid Plan

Another popular plan for BSNL has been the Rs 1,699 prepaid plan which comes with long-term validity. The Rs 1,699 prepaid plan comes with 2GB data per day with 365 days validity. However, BSNL is currently shipping this plan under a promotional period, wherein, the subscribers would be able to get 455 days validity instead of 365, a validity extension of 90 days. Along with this, the subscribers would enjoy 1.5GB bonus data just like the Rs 429 prepaid plan, totalling to a 3.5GB data limit per day. The Rs 1,699 prepaid plan also offers 250 minutes of calling to any network per day, 100 SMS per day as its bundled benefits.

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