BSNL reclaims its second position in Kerala Circle, Vodafone pushed to third spot

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has reclaimed its position as the second largest mobile operator in Kerala circle dethroning Vodafone India. Almost a year ago, Vodafone had pushed BSNL to third spot in the circle after the state run operator lost 5 lahks subscribers. As per the latest TRAI report, BSNL is now at second position in the circle with over 76.85 lakhs subscribers compared to Vodafone’s subscriber base of 75 lakhs.


The new initiatives from BSNL to attract more subscribers like free national roaming has helped the PSU gain over one lakh subscribers per month from January to April as per the TRAI report. BSNL registered net growth rate of 2.70% from January to April. While Vodafone’s growth rate was at 1.30%. Idea continues to lead the circle with over 1.04 crore subscriber in the circle.

Even after launching 4G and 3G service in the circle, Vodafone has lost significant ground to BSNL. However, with its 3G network now expanding to more locations Vodafone may still have chance to regain its lost position. For BSNL, Kerala is one of the only circles generating profit for the state run company and maintaining top position is of at most importance.

Can BSNL replicate this magic in other circles ? What is making BSNL to be competitive in Kerala circle do share your views in comments.

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Muziris Melange
June 30, 2016 9:49 pm 9:49 PM
BSNL has indeed become No.2 in terms of reported customers. But if you look at the reported VLR customers i.e. customers who are latched on to the network of any operator at a time, they are still No.3 far behind Vodafone. VLR (visitor location register) customer count is the real measure and is an apple to apple comparison amongst operators as per DoT mandated method. BSNL might be just reporting customers who are there in their network but not using the network at all. Nowadays a customer will remain in the operator system till he/she is churned out by the… Read more »
Vinayak Krishnan Kottayaam KERALA
June 30, 2016 9:15 am 9:15 AM
Its not the service quality of BSNL but the patriotism of the people that push them to embrace the PSU. Even Now When we are calling to a BSNL number, a non reachable or something like message we get, when we try again, we get connected due to heavy traffic. I am using a BSNL BB connection .In a fault booking complaints, we had to wait for long days in olden days and we have to pay min Rs.50/- to the line man. They were not hesitant to ask money. We waited for about 1 year for a re-connection of… Read more »
June 30, 2016 12:14 pm 12:14 PM

It’s not patriotism but desperation. Had we been so patriotic, India would have been doing much much better. People’s patriotism and loyalty for BSNL evaporates in no time as soon as another provider starts service in their area or offers cheaper rates. Linemen don’t take bribes now because it is very easy to register complaints now and any user can directly reach even the highest official. But you’re right about BSNL’s infrastructure.

June 29, 2016 10:27 pm 10:27 PM

Vodafone have lost their better coverage for 4-5 months in Kerala. I think unhappy subscribers may have ported to BSNL which is the 1st option to port in Kerala. Now vodafone have poor indoor coverage where they have fully stable signal before.