BSNL pushed to third spot in Kerala circle, Vodafone scores second place: TRAI Report

As per latest data from TRAI, BSNL has been pushed to third spot in Kerala circle by Vodafone which has become the second largest mobile operator in the state. BSNL has lost over 5 lakhs subscribers in the month of December and continued its free fall into January 2015.

Wireless subscriber base(lakhs) in Kerala


The huge fall in subscriber base of BSNL was mainly due to deactivation of inactive users from its network. While BSNL registered a fall of 8% in subscriber base, most private operators registered 6% growth(except Reliance). This steady growth has helped Vodafone claim second spot with 71 lakhs subscribers in the state. Currently, Idea leads Kerala circle with 95 lakhs subscribers and BSNL were in second spot for long time until now.

Losing ground in most profitable circle

Last year BSNL had made a profit in only three territorial circles of Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, and Odisha, Rs 396.80 crore in Kerala, Rs 9.37 crore in J&K and Rs 5.16 crores in Odisha. So Kerala circle is very important for BSNL as it is the only circle which made a 3 digit profit.Even when MNP was launched BSNL saw influx of users from other networks. But recently, BSNL was having series of issues in the circle for the last few months. Which includes recent SIM shortage, problems after migrating to new Intelligent Network and towers offline during power outages due to battery issues? As per BSNL these issues, as are now resolved, but this issue has given a negative reputation for the PSU in the state.
Do you think BSNL can make a come back in Kerala Circle? What is BSNL lacking in Kerala circle there was a time when BSNL was much widely used in Kerala what has changed ? Do let us know via comments.

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saneesh lukose
November 18, 2017 7:21 am 7:21 AM

BSNL, worst network in kerala, good coverage everywhere,but in the case of internet, completely failure. The last plan i had which allow me to use1gb per day, but at a speed of 0.006 kb/s how can use even 1mb?

April 25, 2016 9:30 pm 9:30 PM

The worst network in Kerala. Call drop is a common thing for bsnl. They lack even better 2g coverage particularly in key areas.

Arun Nair
October 3, 2015 10:58 am 10:58 AM

This comment is dated October 2 2015. Kerala BSNL Internet at its worst. Increased price of monthly connection and decreased quality connectivity. I am living in Attingal Town in Trivandrum district, Kerala with two BSNL towers nearby. This is absolute cheating of clients. Even when I use the net for 30 sec I am charged 1 mb to 2 mb. Someone please advice what legal action can be taken against BSNL and plz advice alternate connection.

January 15, 2016 6:33 am 6:33 AM
hey Arun, its not BSNL cheating you but it shows the quality of BSNL internet service. ofcoz BSNL is the worst connection one should opt, that i agree 10%. with dropping coverage and server issues i hate to use or suggest BSNL to anyone. But i must say, they have the high quality internet connections at least in 3G series. if they are showing 1MB usage in 30sec than its the speed of the connection i believe. but again who want to go for BSNL when at the same cost we can have unlimited internet with normal speed on other… Read more »