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bsnlBSNL has launched new promotional prepaid scheme for Kolkata with the name of DOSTI (Revised). Under this Dosti (revised) plan two/three Prepaid Dosti Mobile connections either all in the same name and address or 2nd & 3rd Mobile in different name and address will be provided and in all the cases separate applications will be required. The calls within the three Mobile connections (both way) will be free of cost. Any calls beyond these three numbers will be chargeable.

In addition to this BSNL is also giving this privilege to landline customers too Customers who have BSNL landline of Calcutta Telephones may purchase three Dosti SIMs (at least one in the same name and address of landline) and the calls within these three Mobile numbers will be free of cost (both way) and calls from these Mobile numbers to the said landline will also be free of cost (one way). Any calls beyond these Mobile numbers will be chargeable and call from the landline to these three Mobile numbers is chargeable.

This could be an Add on Advantage for the BSNL subscribers as the existing prepaid ones can also convert their connections to Dosti pack with the help of Activation voucher of Rs103/-.

In Addition to it existing Dosti customer can add one or two Dosti number in their group but it should not be more than three Dosti customer linked with one local landline of BSNL. Moreover all type of power vouchers including GPRS are allowed to the DOSTI (Revised) faction.

The Tariff details of plan are as under.

a) Cost of SIM - Rs. 60/-+ S.T.

b) First Recharge with Activation Voucher - Rs 103/- (Including S.T)

c) Talk Value on recharge of Activation Voucher – Rs. 50/-

d)Validity - 60 days

e) Call charge will be as per General Prepaid connection.

Dosti facility will be restricted within CTD mobile.

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