BSNL Extends the Postpaid Promotional Data Add-Ons Validity for Another 90 Days Along With More Data

BSNL recently extended the validity of promotional data offers for prepaid subscribers by 90 days, and now, the company has reportedly extended the promotional data add-ons validity for postpaid customers by another 90 days. The company will now be offering more data with the same add-ons than the previous offering.


As per a report by, these changes will be effective from May 16, 2017. All the postpaid add-ons will receive validity extension for 90 days as they are promotional plans. A total of 13 postpaid data add-ons has been modified ranging from monthly/yearly benefits.

Speaking about the yearly add-on first, BSNL’s Rs. 365 add-on used to offer 5.1GB for 365 days, which converts to 425MB per month, but the same plan will now offer 1GB data per month for 12 moths, which means 12GB data at just Rs. 365.

Under the Rs. 290 add-on, BSNL used to offer 8GB data (3GB+5GB); the 3GB data will be provided given to customers after four months, but the same add-on now offers 9GB (3GB+6GB). Under the Rs. 549 plan, BSNL will now provide 16GB data (6GB+10GB), and the 6GB data will be added to your account after four months.Speaking about the monthly add-ons, there is a total of nine add-ons ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 1711. Starting with the Rs. 50 plan, it used to offer 500MB data per month, but it will soon offer 550MB data. The Rs. 75 add-on provides 1500MB data per month, up from the 1000MB data it used to offer.

Fixed Monthly Charge in Rs.(Service Tax Extra) Existing Total bundled free Usage in GB/MB Revised Total bundled free Usage in GB/MB
50 500MB 550 MB
75 1000MB 1500 MB
170 2GB 2.2 GB
225 4GB 4.2 GB
501 10GB 12 GB
240 Unlimited, Speed 80Kbps after 3GB Unlimited, Speed 80Kbps after 3.5 GB [Extra Data For North Zone & South Zone Circles Only]
340 Unlimited, Speed 80Kbps after 5GB Unlimited, Speed 80Kbps after 5.5 GB [Extra Data For North Zone & South Zone Circles Only]
666 Unlimited, Speed 128kbps after 9GB Unlimited, Speed 128kbps after 11 GB
901 Unlimited, Speed 128kbps after 15GB Unlimited Speed 128kbps after 20 GB
1711 Unlimited, Speed 128kbps after 20GB Unlimited Speed 128kbps after 30 GB

Other plans such as the Rs. 170, Rs. 225, and Rs. 501 now gives 2.2GB, 4.2GB, and 12GB data per month. The Rs. 901 and Rs. 1711 add-ons now offer 20GB and 30GB data respectively. The data speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps after the completion of allotted data. The affordable Rs. 666 add-on gives 11GB data per month.

As said earlier, these new add-ons will be effective from May 16, 2017, and will be valid for 90 days. After the 90-day validity, BSNL will either modify them or replace them according to the market scenario.

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May 11, 2017 8:29 am 8:29 AM

First upgrade your signal…very poor signal…very loor speed….

May 10, 2017 6:28 pm 6:28 PM

Welcoming move. Hope they do launch for prepaid customers also.

Jio fan boys, out from here.

May 10, 2017 8:44 pm 8:44 PM

Prepaid already has much more attractive packs than postpaid.

May 11, 2017 12:50 pm 12:50 PM

Yearly packs in prepaid is now costlier than postpaid.