Broadband and Leased Line Connection Differences You Should Know

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Broadband Connection

Internet is an innovation in the tech space that has truly revolutionised the way we live. It has become a basic necessity in our life that we access every day for uncountable reasons. The technology that allows us to access the internet has also been changing and upgrading with time. In the present day world, you can access the internet from almost anywhere in the world using different mediums and infrastructures. Broadband and Leased Lines are types of internet connection with distinct features that can be advantageous based on the use case. A broadband connection offers high-speed connectivity between a user and the internet service provider. In the case of a broadband connection, the link from the ISP is shared between multiple users and comes with variable bandwidth. On the other hand, a leased line is a dedicated connection with fixed bandwidth and symmetrical speed. There are many distinctions to note while choosing the best kind of connection according to your use case.

Broadband Speeds have Asymmetrical and Leased Lines have Symmetrical Speeds

While providers of both Broadband and Leased Line would advertise a high-speed connection, in the case of a broadband connection, the speed is not always reliable. As we mentioned before, a data leased line is a dedicated connection that enables the provider to deliver the promised speed. A broadband connection will probably deliver lower than promised speed as broadband operates on a congested network. The speed delivered in broadband is asymmetrical, which means that the download speed will be more than the upload speed. Leased lines provide symmetrical download and upload speed.

Latency is Higher in A Broadband Connection

Latency is the time difference between you clicking on something and the action happening on your device. It could be a lag while gaming or while browsing websites. In a leased line connection, the latency remains very low as the link is exclusive to you and delivering high, symmetrical speed. A broadband connection would comparatively have higher latency as the link is shared between multiple users.

Bandwidth Scaling Is Easier with Leased Line

The scalability of the type of internet connection can be determined by how simple it is to change the amount of bandwidth we receive in a month. Leased lines are easily expandable by investing more money. In a similar fashion, you can also choose to decrease your bandwidth in case your demand has reduced. A broadband connection is uncommonly expandable as only a few broadband packages provide versatile bandwidth options.

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