Broadband Internet Throttling: What is it and What You Can Do to Avoid it?

Internet throttling is something which is very common today and it is done deliberately by internet service providers

One thing that is really frustrating for anyone is slow internet after paying for high-speed data. It happens with everyone. There are a lot of factors behind it such as the location you are in or the kind of device you are using and more. But one major factor bending slow internet speed which not a lot of people know about is internet throttling. Some internet service providers (ISPs) deliberately limit the bandwidth for the users so that they can’t access full speed from their internet connection. But why do they do so? Keep reading ahead to find out.

Deliberate Broadband Internet Throttling by ISPs

The primary purpose of internet throttling by ISPs is to maintain a stable network connection throughout. If there are a lot of people using the internet in the same area at the same time to stream HD content online or download big files, it can create a lot of pressure on the network. This is the reason why internet plans come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which limits the customer to a particular amount of monthly and daily data. This is so that the internet won’t be used by just the small percentage of people who want to use it every time. It should be available for everyone in the same capacity. Another reason why ISPs do such a thing is so that they can offer higher bandwidth with premium plans for which they earn more.

How Do You Identify Broadband Internet Throttling?

One of the easiest ways of checking internet throttling is to keep checking the internet speed at regular intervals. You can use a speed test app or some other service. Note down the speed that you get at different times. If you find a pattern where the internet speed is slow and where it is high, you will understand that your ISP is throttling the internet for your connection. Ask other users who are in your area if they find a similar pattern or not. If it is like that, then the ISP is throttling the internet to maintain a stable network.

What You Can Do to Avoid Internet Throttling for Your Network?

An easy thing to do would be to use a VPN network for downloading, uploading, or browsing through the internet. ISPs won’t be able to track your actual internet usage if you use a VPN network. Thus you might just escape the bandwidth throttling. Another way you can escape internet throttling purchase a premium internet plan or high data plan which doesn’t limit your data usage to what you don’t want for a day or a month. Another way to do so is going with the best high-speed internet provider that fits all your internet activities. Ensure that they offer plans that meet your internet needs.

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Airtel throttles its 4G speeds heavily. In my area, maximum 4G download speed is capped at 1 MB/s and throttles further to few kilobytes whenever i try to download anything.


ACT actually says they don’t use the “UPTO” speeds gimmick. And its true in my personal experience. If its 100Mbps plan, the speed will be 100Mbps. Nothing less, Nothing more. And the speeds will be the same in both upload and download.

Anyone knows if any other ISP which does the same?


I am using hathway broadband. I recharged the plan for 150mbps speed. But still i get 100mbps download and upload speed only.

I am planning to recharge for 100mbps plan next time.

ACT is always 100 to 150 INR costly than every plans in hathway bro. Thats the reason i didnt prefer it.

But in chennai, Hathway broadband provider is a big hit.

Kiran Fernandes | Goa

I think your wifi router has a 100Mbps WAN port, hence you’re getting 100Mbps only. You will need a gigabit WAN port to get speeds faster than 100Mbps.


Promised & stable speeds are very common on fiber broadband, nothing special about ACT. Capacity was never a problem for ISPs, the rotten copper based last mile wiring was.

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