Poco F1 to Get Widevine L1 Support for HD Content Streaming in Few Weeks

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The newly launched Poco F1 has managed to sell in an impressive number of units in India thanks to its price tag and performance intensive hardware. The phone was titled to be the cheapest smartphone to come with the powerful Snapdragon 845 SoC, a chipset which is usually found in high-end premium phones. The phone has focused on performance right from the beginning. However, although the Poco F1 managed to gain significant popularity, it came with its fair share of issues and flaws.


The flaws that we are talking here include the some of the most widely reported ones for the Poco F1. The users complained about the absence of the 4K 60fps mode on the camera application and the absence of the Widevine L1 support for watching video DRM content on apps like Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. However, to the relief of users, Xiaomi has said that they will be issuing a software update to repair these issues shortly.

Poco F1 to Get Widevine L1 Support Very Soon

On the MIUI Forum relating to the Poco F1, discussion have been going on as many users have reported about the two issues that we highlighted above. Many users complained that they were not able to access HD content on their phone on apps like Netflix, due to the lack of support of Widevine L1. However, as per the MIUI Forum posts, the Poco F1 should receive the Widevine L1 support towards the end of the fourth quarter in 2018. In this quarter, Xiaomi will run beta tests for the software, after which it will be rolling out the Widevine L1 support towards the end of this year. Further, Xiaomi will also be working on rolling out the 60fps mode on the Poco F1 for both 1080p and 4K resolution, although there has been no prospective date set for the rollout of the same.

Other Upcoming Features for the Poco F1

The MIUI forum post also detailed a few new upcoming features of the Poco F1. One of the upcoming features for the phone include the number of notifications on the app icon, which means that users will be able to see how many notifications they have about a particular app just by taking a look on the app icon.

Another update hinted by Xiaomi is related to the aesthetics which will make the edges on the upper side more rounded like they are on the bottom side of the phone. Further, many users have requested Xiaomi to optimise the phone to better handle apps with the tall 18:9 form factor.

Additionally, Xiaomi is working on support for games like Asphalt 8 in partnership with Gameloft as many users have reported that they were unable to download such games since they were not compatible with the Poco F1. Further, many users have stated that they are not able to use the ‘Ok Google’ feature on the Poco F1, which is also something which Xiaomi is looking into. With the updates expected to roll out in the coming months, the problems which users are facing will be resolved.

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